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Drain Cleaning in White Plains: 5 Common Causes of Sewer Drain Clogs

Preventing clogs in your sewer drain is one of the most important aspects of drain cleaning in White Plains. The resulting consequences once your sewer drain clogs are too unsanitary for you to simply wait on calling up a professional service for assistance. You may encounter some unpleasant possibilities like clogged toilets, puddling in your front lawn, and a contaminated water supply. Worse, the health and safety of your family may be placed at risk and result in varying degrees of illness. When you first notice sewer drain clogs, it’s important to call a professional service immediately! Fortunately, the … [Read More]

5 Common Problems Requiring Boiler Repair in Cold Springs

Sure, your boiler may be working now, but there may come a time where you seek boiler repair in Cold Springs sooner than later. While boiler models today work better than ever before, they’re still not immune from breaking down in a situation where you need to rely on them. A faulty boiler can bring plenty of trouble to your home that goes beyond no heat. You also encounter lower indoor air quality and a higher risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Fortunately, T.Webber is here to provide you with boiler repair in Cold Springs at any moment. We can … [Read More]

Duct Cleaning in Westchester: 4 Tips for Homeowners

Duct cleaning in Westchester is essential this fall if you want to maintain great indoor air quality. Your ducts can collect dirt, dust, and debris quickly. This can prove to be a nightmare for asthma and allergy sufferers in your household, who will especially have trouble taking a deep breath in your own home. You also may not be able to feel the full effects of your heating system, even when the outdoor temperatures begin to dip below freezing. T.Webber is always available to provide duct cleaning in Westchester that will keep indoor air quality at an all-time high. … [Read More]

Follow These 5 Tips for Hurricane Preparation in Cold Springs!

Yeah, you’ve probably seen countless weather forecasts by now, but it’s worth repeating: Hurricane Joaquin is coming, and it’s shaping up to be one of the strongest tropical storms in years! While the Eastern part of the United State may not feel the full effects of Joaquin, hurricane preparation in Cold Springs should be your top priority to protect you and your family from danger for any future storms. This storm may be strong, but it’s up to you make sure your home is ready to fight it! If you’re looking how to exactly shield yourself from the threat … [Read More]

4 Types of Drain Backup Solved by Our Cold Spring Plumber

Our Cold Spring plumber offers plenty of drain cleaning methods such as water jetting, video camera inspection, drain snaking, and more! We understand how difficult life can be once your drains begin to misbehave, especially when you need your drains performing at the highest level. Without drains working, however, all of your home’s plumbing fixtures are prevented from working at their best. That means fixtures like your toilet, shower, sink, faucet, and more will be at risk of experiencing problems. That’s right; your most important plumbing fixtures may be rendered useless! But have no fear, because the Cold Spring … [Read More]

Ask a Plumber in Pleasantville: How Often Do You Need Water Heater Maintenance?

Sure, any plumber in Pleasantville can tell you about the importance of water heater maintenance, but how often do you need it? While you should always try to uphold a high sense of performance and efficiency with your water heater, homeowners often get stuck in trying to find a good way to keep it.  It’s either they wait until it’s too late and their water heater is beyond maintenance, or they simply don’t maintain it at all and allow a perfectly good furnace go to waste.  Infrequent maintenance can lead to higher water bills, lower energy efficiency, and maybe … [Read More]

Call an Emergency Poughkeepsie Plumber Just in Time for Football Season!

September means the start of football season, which also means it’s time to call a Poughkeepsie plumber to prevent your fixtures from fumbling! We understand you’ll probably invite a few guests to cozy up on the couch for the big game, but plumbing problems can occur out of nowhere and put an end to any party. While you’re cheering on your favorite team, things like a leaky faucet or clogged drains can really put a damper on your team spirit. It may even get to the point where your plumbing system’s chances of surviving till the Superbowl look grim. … [Read More]

Ask a Hudson Valley Plumber: How Can You Maintain a Garbage Disposal?

Ask any Hudson Valley Plumber and they’ll tell you about the importance of maintaining your garbage disposal. While there’s no denying your garbage disposal is incredibly beneficial, things can go bad in an instant, as it may experience clogs and other issues that prevent it from operating at its best. If you let a good garbage disposal go to waste, you may have to spend more money on extensive repair, which can be financially depending on the severity of the problem. Of course, the folks at T.Webber want our customers to enjoy their garbage disposals to their fullest. If … [Read More]

AC Repair in Westchester: 3 Maintenance Tips to Survive the Summer

Summertime, and thereby the need for AC repair in Westchester, is coming to an end, but it’s never too late to have your AC fixed and ready to go for the summer’s final few weeks.  There’s still plenty of time this season to soak up the sun and catch some rays at the beach, which also means you have time to enjoy your AC as a source of relief from the heat. Don’t mess it up by refusing AC repair simply because the season is coming to an end! T.Webber is always ready to deliver great AC repair in … [Read More]

Common Water Treatment Issues in Poughkeepsie

As a responsible and informed homeowner, you’ve probably already heard about the need for water treatment in Poughkeepsie. More and more property owners are taking steps to improve the quality of the water, and there are a number of compelling reasons to do so.   Water Treatment Issues   In certain locations in the United States—including Poughkeepsie—water that comes from the municipal water supply contains a significant amount of contaminants. Sometimes you can tell the water quality is low because it smells and tastes bad, but all too often, you can only find out if you have the water … [Read More]

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