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Duct Cleaning in Westchester: 4 Tips for Homeowners

Duct cleaning in Westchester is essential this fall if you want to maintain great indoor air quality. Your ducts can collect dirt, dust, and debris quickly. This can prove to be a nightmare for asthma and allergy sufferers in your household, who will especially have trouble taking a deep breath in your own home. You also may not be able to feel the full effects of your heating system, even when the outdoor temperatures begin to dip below freezing.

T.Webber is always available to provide duct cleaning in Westchester that will keep indoor air quality at an all-time high. We understand how essential clean ducts can be to the overall mood and atmosphere of your home during the fall. Our team of professionals always go the extra mile to make sure your ducts are 100% free of any dirt and debris. Your indoor air quality is our top priority!

What Should You Know About Duct Cleaning in Westchester?

Fortunately, there are also several things homeowners can do to ensure better duct cleaning in Westchester. Here are 4 easy tips to follow so your ducts are the cleanest they’ve ever been:

  1. Look Out for Mold: When cleaning ducts, always be on the lookout for a buildup of mold or any other harmful bacteria. Mold can be incredibly hazardous to breathe in and lead to several long-term health complications. Mold will tend to grow where moisture accumulates and generally creates an unhealthy indoor environment.
  2. Seal Any Air Leaks: Air leaks in your ducts can present a huge problem in the fall and winter when you’re looking to save as much energy as possible. If you notice any holes in your ducts, seal them with weatherstripping to warm or cool air from slipping away. This step will save you so much more money on utility bills.
  3. Use Soft Brushes: If you have a fiberglass duct board and sheet metal ducts lined with fiberglass, then it’s especially important to use soft-bristled brushed when cleaning ducts. This lowers the chance of your ducts experiencing any extensive physical damage and ensures a smoother cleaning process.
  4. Protect Carpet and Furnishing: If you don’t protect your carpets and furnishing as you’re cleaning ducts, then it can get pretty messy if dirt and debris fall on them. Keep carpets and furnishing covered in order to keep any dirt and debris from traveling across your home.

Contact T.Webber today for duct cleaning in Westchester! You can ensure better air quality when you enlist us for the job!

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