Water Testing

Water Testing

In-Home Water Testing & Independent Lab Testing

Ensure your Hudson Valley Water is Pure, Clean & Refreshing

At T.Webber, we understand the importance of clean, potable water. High quality water not only tastes better – but is better for your home and family. We believe every homeowner has the right to know what’s in their water – and what your family is drinking, bathing in and cleaning with. That’s why we offer complimentary water testing throughout the Hudson Valley.

How does our complimentary water testing work?

  1. Call T.Webber and request a complimentary water test.
  2. Our T.Webber Water Quality Expert will arrive onsite and test your water. If you already have water treatment in place, we’ll test both pre and post-treatment to ensure the equipment is working as it should.
  3. During our complimentary water test, T.Webber will test for issues common in the Hudson Valley, including: hardness, pH, total dissolved solids, and Sulphur.
  4. Our Water Quality Expert will then review the findings with you and if necessary share recommendations to help improve the quality of your water.

Independent Lab Testing

If you draw your water from a private well and are concerned about bacteria or other contaminants that could cause a health risk, our Water Quality Experts can also collect water samples to be tested by an independent, state run facility for a fee. These EPA-certified laboratories provide an in-depth analysis of all water inclusions. In the Hudson Valley, specific in-depth tests are often required when a property with a private well is bought/sold.

Why You Should Test Your Well Water:

Throughout the Hudson Valley, water is supplied to homes from a town/city water supply or a private well. While the EPA regulates public water systems, it does not have the authority to regulate private wells. That means if you have well water there are no experts checking your water source and its quality before it is sent to your tap! Households relying on well-water should take special precautions to ensure their drinking water is safe for consumption. In addition to testing for hardness and pH levels, residents with well water systems should periodically have their water tested for bacteria and nitrates.

Want to learn more about the quality of your water? Call today to schedule a free-in home water analysis.

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