UV Systems

UV Systems

Ensure Cleaner, Safer Tap Water for Your Family

Microbes like E.coli and giardia can be found in any water supply.  They are virtually undetectable to homeowners as you cannot see, smell or taste them in your water; however if present, they can make you sick. For Hudson Valley homeowners who rely on private wells as their primary water source, it is important to take special precautions to ensure your drinking water is safe for consumption.  There is no municipality to rely on for the regulation of the water’s safety and to ensure bacteria is not present.  UV Systems are an effective, low-maintenance solution to protect your water from these harmful bacteria and give you peace of mind.

The Benefits of UV Systems for Water Purification

UV Systems work by utilizing ultraviolet rays to attack and disrupt the DNA of bacteria and viruses.  Once the microorganisms’ DNA is damaged, it cannot function or reproduce – or cause you any harm.

UV systems offer many advantages for homeowners to help protect their water supply. As UV purification is a physical process and not chemical, it does not use any harmful chemical disinfectants.  There are some microorganisms that are resistant to chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and are only able to be eliminated through UV treatment.  Not only that, but UV system are better for the environment.

To learn more about UV light water purification systems for your Hudson Valley home or business, call T.Webber today.  All of our water treatment service calls begin with a FREE on-site water test to determine your exact water treatment needs. We look forward to ensuring your water is the purest and healthiest it can be.

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