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Frozen Pipes

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Hudson Valley winters can be difficult – both for residents, and their homes.  When temperatures dip below freezing for an extended period of time it can lead to various household problems, including frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes are not only an inconvenience, but can cause significant damage to your home.  When pipes freeze, it prevents water from reaching its final destination – leaving you without water in a section of your home.  Worst still, when water freezes it expands.  Left untreated, frozen pipes will burst leading to costly repairs. Flooding and property damage caused from burst pipes can further increase the cost to remedy the situation.  It is therefore critical when pipes freeze to act fast.  If treated immediately, frozen pipes can often be thawed before damage to your plumbing system will occur.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

To avoid the headache and expense of frozen pipes, homeowners can take preventative measures to help minimize the risk pipes will freeze including:

  • Insulating water lines, especially in places like basements, crawl spaces and attics
  • Leaving your faucets running at a trickle when temperatures drop below freezing
  • Leaving cabinet doors open under sinks open when temperatures drop below freezing
  • If certain pipes are especially susceptible to freezing, consider installing a heating device to keep them warm

Frozen Pipe Thawing

When water freezes inside a pipe, it causes an obstruction that prevents water from flowing freely as it should. In time it may also cause the pipe to rupture. The longer a pipe remains frozen, the more likely it is to burst, so it’s important to take immediate action. At T.Webber, we are equipped to thaw frozen pipes quickly and safely. Our Plumbing Experts are available throughout the Hudson Valley – including within Dutchess, Putnam, Westchester, Orange, Ulster and Rockland County.

Frozen Pipe Repair

As ice expands in a water line, the increasing pressure can cause your pipe to burst.  If this occurs, turn off the water supply to avoid any flooding when the pipes thaw and then call T.Webber. Our Plumbing Experts have the tools and experience to repair any burst pipes and get your water flowing.

If you are dealing with a frozen pipe in the Hudson Valley area, contact the expert plumbers at T.Webber. We offer fast, affordable frozen pipe thawing and repair throughout the region, and we are available for 24/7 emergency services.

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