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Ask a Plumber in Pleasantville: How Often Do You Need Water Heater Maintenance?

Sure, any plumber in Pleasantville can tell you about the importance of water heater maintenance, but how often do you need it? While you should always try to uphold a high sense of performance and efficiency with your water heater, homeowners often get stuck in trying to find a good way to keep it.  It’s either they wait until it’s too late and their water heater is beyond maintenance, or they simply don’t maintain it at all and allow a perfectly good furnace go to waste.  Infrequent maintenance can lead to higher water bills, lower energy efficiency, and maybe not hot water at all.

T.Webber recommends undergoing water heater maintenance with a plumber in Pleasantville at least annually. While there are certainly many things you can do throughout the year to maintain your water heater, it’s always best to refer to a professional, highly-trained plumber in Pleasantville. A professional can examine your water heater know what needs to be done to maintain its performance.

What Can a Plumber in Pleasantville Do For You?

Annual water heater maintenance from T.Webber can give you plenty of benefits not provided by neglecting the well-being of your water heater. Here’s annual maintenance can do for you:

  • Eliminates Debris Buildup: A plumber in Pleasantville can drain a quarter of your water heater tank. Your water heater can become contaminated by sediment or debris, which can increase in amount when left untreated. Your hot water should ideally be clear and safe to consume, but sediment and debris in the water can seriously impact your health.
  • Improved Temperature Regulation: A plumber in Pleasantville can test the temperature-pressure valve, which will let you know how well it’s working to regulate water pressure and temperature in the water tank.  If you notice any leaks coming from the valve, then it’s time to call a professional for help. Your plumber in Pleasantville isn’t just ensuring hot water, but also improved health via great temperature regulation.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: With annual maintenance, you can save money and lower energy costs. When a water heater starts weakening, it needs to rely on more energy to churn out hot water, which can send the costs of your energy bills upward. Annual Water heater maintenance from a licensed plumber in Pleasantville is a huge step in conserving energy and keeping costs at an all-time low.

Contact T.Webber today to receive water heater maintenance from a plumber in Pleasantville. Don’t wait and get it now!

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