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Drain Cleaning in White Plains: 5 Common Causes of Sewer Drain Clogs

Preventing clogs in your sewer drain is one of the most important aspects of drain cleaning in White Plains. The resulting consequences once your sewer drain clogs are too unsanitary for you to simply wait on calling up a professional service for assistance. You may encounter some unpleasant possibilities like clogged toilets, puddling in your front lawn, and a contaminated water supply. Worse, the health and safety of your family may be placed at risk and result in varying degrees of illness. When you first notice sewer drain clogs, it’s important to call a professional service immediately!

Fortunately, the folks at T.Webber offer great drain cleaning in White Plains that can take care of sewer drain clogs in record time. We can implement a wide variety of methods that can keep clogs from ruining your sewer lines for a long period of time. Our plumbers truly understand how sewer drain clogs can really serve as a detriment to the overall state of your home and will work with you to ensure a more effective plumbing system.

5 Common Causes for Drain Cleaning in White Plains

While there are countless things that can cause your sewer drains to clog, here are 5 of the most common causes the plumbers at T.Webber encounter:

  1. Grease Buildup: While you may think grease will only make things slicker, the truth is that grease can actually hardened and become difficult to remove.  It’s so difficult, in fact, that it requires the help of a professional to get it removed.
  2. Pipework Corrosion: Over time, your sewer line will experience rust or corrosion that will see it begin to crumble and impact the entire performance of your plumbing system. Corrosion can vary in severity. It may require a simple repair, or replacement entirely.
  3. Hair Buildup: Hair follicles, mainly from showers, can also clog sewer drains. While one or two follicles certainly won’t cause any harm, hair does struggle to pass through drains easily and can build up in number until passage through drains is nearly impossible.
  4. Tree Root Growth: Tree roots can crush your sewer line or makes its way into the actual line and prevent easy passage through drains. Tree roots can be tough to remove, and require specialized service from a professional to get them out.
  5. Paper or Other Waste: Paper or other waste can sometimes find its way into sewer drains and create clogs. Sometimes, even small physical objects can even be the source of clogs. While this is common, these materials need to be removed sooner than later.

Contact T.Webber today to receive drain cleaning in White Plains, especially if your sewer drains are clogged for any of these reasons!

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