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Well Head Location ServicesKnowing where your well is located can save you headaches, time and money.  Typically, well heads are above ground and easy to locate.  However, in some scenarios well heads may be buried – or located in unexpected places.  If you are buying a home with a private well, it’s a good idea to identify where the well is on the property before the deal is complete. Knowing where your well is located will save you headaches down the road.  If your well pump fails, you’ll want to know where your well is to ensure the professionals have quick, easy access for diagnosis.

If you don’t know where your well is located, call T.Webber. We provide well location services for property sales or when issues arise with an existing pump where the location is unknown. T.Webber has the tools, experience and know-how to not only locate your well, but excavate to expose well caps or extend well casings when necessary.  For nearly 30 years, T.Webber has been providing complete well system solutions throughout the Hudson Valley.

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