Well Sanitizing / Well Shocking / Well Chlorination

Well Sanitizing

Unlike homes on town/ city water, homes with private wells do not have the municipality to rely on for the regulation of the water’s safety.  That means if you have well water there are no experts checking your water source and its quality before it is sent to your taps.

Household’s relying on well-water should take special precautions to ensure their drinking water is safe for consumption, including periodically testing water for bacteria.

If bacteria are found in a well, one of the most common procedures is to sanitize / chlorinate the well.   Shock chlorination can help eliminate bacteria, as well as other contaminants causing unpleasant tastes or odors.

When should you sanitize/ chlorinate a well?

  • After a positive test for coliform bacteria and/or any other contaminants
  • Whenever a new well pump is installed and/or any well work is being done

When bacteria are present in a well, T.Webber strongly recommends re-testing after the initial sanitizing to ensure all bacteria are eliminated.   T.Webber also strongly recommends more permanent solutions to safeguard well water from bacteria – including the installation of UV systems to protect your water supply.

If you need help sanitizing your well or are considering other forms of water treatment to protect your home and family from potential disease carrying bacteria and pathogens – call T.Webber.  Our Well & Water Treatment Experts can help design a solution to give you peace of mind.

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