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well water systems pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of a Residential Well Water System

Residential well water systems work by drawing water from underground aquifers located on your property to provide water for drinking, washing, and irrigation for your home. Understanding the pros and cons of a well pump will help you decide on whether you want your own water system, or use municipal water. There are two types of pumps that we will go over, submersible pumps, and jet pumps, to see which one would be right for you. At T. Webber, we help homeowners make informed decisions as well as give tips as to how to maintain your well water system … [Read More]

well pump not working

Is Your Well Pump Not Working? 

Is your well pump giving you issues? If you’re a homeowner of a pump well you know that water tastes best straight from the ground—and of course, love the convenience of having a personal water supply. Like everything in or around your home, your pump well will require maintenance to ensure that it works as it should. Well pumps are essential in providing a continuous supply of fresh water from underground wells. The different types of pumps are:  Submersible Well Pump Jet Well Pump Deep Well Pump Hand-Operated Well Pump Solar-Powered Well Pump These pumps draw water from the … [Read More]

5 Reasons to Install a Ductless/Mini-Split System in Your Home

Are you looking for a new solution to solve your HVAC woes? A ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie could help you in several ways. If you would like to reap the benefits outlined below, call us at T.Webber today. Lower Energy Bills With a ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie, you don’t have to pay to heat or cool your entire home at once. Leave the ductless HVAC system off in rooms you aren’t using and your bills will automatically be lower. You can put each unit on a separate thermostat, so your ductless/mini-split system will only heat and cool where you … [Read More]

Five Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding from Nor’easters

Most of the northeast is bracing for more snow as a third nor’easter is expected to move through the Hudson Valley, threatening to deliver more frosty precipitation to an already blanketed region. As snow and rain showers continue, homeowners need to be on the lookout for another threat: basement flooding. “We hope the worst of the weather is behind us, but this much snow and rain can pose problems, even after the winter storms have passed,” said Tommy Webber, owner of T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric. “Snowmelt can cause a lot of run-off in a short period of … [Read More]

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month is Time to Protect Home, Family

T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, a leading HVAC company in the greater Hudson Valley, is alerting homeowners to the dangers of carbon monoxide and offering advice for avoiding accidental poisonings during Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month. Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the silent killer because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and cannot be detected by humans unless alarms or detectors are used. January is when CO accidents peak due to the heavier use of furnaces and gas heaters as a result of cold weather. It is recommended to ensure all detectors and alarms are in working order and … [Read More]

5 Tips to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing During Winter Storm Grayson

The Hudson Valley has been experiencing arctic temperatures since before Christmas – but mother nature is not done yet. As Winter Storm Grayson works its way north, forecasters are anticipating it will get worse before it gets better. Over the weekend, temperatures are expected to be 20 to 40 degrees below normal with “real feel” temperatures reaching 20-30 degrees below zero in some parts of upstate New York (Brrrrr!). These arctic temperatures, paired with damaging wind gusts of 40-50 mph, create the perfect storm for frozen pipes and property damage. The possibility of downed trees and widespread power outages … [Read More]

Hot Energy Savings Advice for the Cold Winter Ahead

Hot Energy Savings Advice for the Cold Winter Ahead As a family-owned home services company rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, we know that Hudson Valley winters can take a toll on utility bills, and we are offering advice to help area residents maximize savings throughout the season. “Hudson Valley winters can be cold and tough on your home’s systems and energy bills,” said Tommy Webber, owner of T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air and Air Conditioning. “Fortunately, there are opportunities homeowners can take advantage of to minimize the impact of winter on their finances. Many of the best steps … [Read More]

Frightening Furnace Noises : What They Mean and When To Call A Pro

It may be the season for thrills and chills, but your furnace is one thing that definitely should not be going bump in the night. If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your basement or attic, a serious problem with your heating system could be to blame. Before you call in the reinforcements, here are a few of the most common frightening furnace noises and what could be causing them. Loud Boom If you hear a loud boom or bang coming from your furnace, you’re likely hearing a small gas explosion caused by a delayed ignition problem. This … [Read More]

The Importance of Heating Tuneups

The Yearly Furnace Tune-Up Nearly every furnace manufacturer will tell you that you need to get your system tuned up every year. But is it really necessary to pay for this service every single fall? The short answer is “Yes!” Here are just a few reasons why you should get your furnace tuned up this year and every year. It’s Safer Your furnace produces heat through a combustion process that involves very specific levels of different types of gasses. If something gets clogged or starts leaking, these can become unbalanced. This can cause gasses like carbon monoxide to leak … [Read More]

August is Water Treatment Month!

Clean water is something that many Americans take for granted. While we are incredibly fortunate to have on-demand access to water that won’t make us sick, our water supplies still often are not as clean as we would like. In fact, many people don’t drink enough water simply because they have concerns about the quality of their water. Installing a water purification system is one of the best ways to eliminate this concern, but that isn’t the only benefit of investing in water treatment. In honor of National Water Treatment Month, let’s take a closer look at just a … [Read More]

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