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5 Reasons to Install a Ductless/Mini-Split System in Your Home

Are you looking for a new solution to solve your HVAC woes? A ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie could help you in several ways. If you would like to reap the benefits outlined below, call us at T.Webber today. Lower Energy Bills With a ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie, you don’t have to pay to heat or cool your entire home at once. Leave the ductless HVAC system off in rooms you aren’t using and your bills will automatically be lower. You can put each unit on a separate thermostat, so your ductless/mini-split system will only heat and cool where you … [Read More]

Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

Whether you are thinking about investing in an air conditioner for the first time or you are ready to replace your existing system, there are several factors to consider. While it is important to pay attention to brands, prices and energy ratings, one of the most important factors is the size. When purchasing an air conditioner, there are several sizes to choose from, and selecting the right size makes a huge difference. Why Air Conditioner Size Matters Most people realize that purchasing an air conditioner that is too small is a bad idea. An AC that isn’t large enough … [Read More]

Tips to Keep Homes Cool, Reduce Summertime Energy Costs

T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, a family owned and operated home services company serving the Hudson Valley, offers tips to homeowners to prepare for warmer weather and save money on cooling costs this summer. By making some simple habit changes and opting for energy-efficient products, you and your family can reduce your annual energy bill, and subsequently your greenhouse gas emissions. By making some simple habit changes and opting for energy-efficient products, you and your family can reduce your annual energy bill, and subsequently your greenhouse gas emissions. “Up to half of a utility bill can be from … [Read More]

Get Your AC Ready for Summer with Our Pre-Season AC Tune-Up Special!

Making sure your AC keeps you cool all summer long and for years to come requires keeping up with routine air conditioner maintenance. Proper maintenance prevents several problems and provides an opportunity to correct minor issues because they turn into major disasters. At T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Air Conditioner, we’re excited to announce our pre-season AC tune-up special to get your AC ready for the hot days ahead! Why You Need Professional AC Maintenance Your air conditioner is a complicated system consisting of filters, fins, coils, ductwork and more, all of which require a bit of TLC from … [Read More]

How to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

After a long, cold winter, we’ll finally be seeing some spring-like temperatures soon. While you may not need to crank up your air conditioner for the first time this season for a little while, now is still a good time to start thinking about taking care of some basic maintenance. When your cooling system isn’t used for several months, components can wear out or seize up. Taking care of basic maintenance now ensures that your system will be good to go whenever hot temperatures finally do arrive. Here are a few basic tips for getting your AC ready for … [Read More]

Pay Attention to These Signs You Need Central Air Conditioning Repair in Brewster, NY

Central air conditioning repair in Brewster, NY may be the one thing that saves from you suffering in the heat this summer. You may have the most efficient cooling system in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t somehow make it immune to problems that would require professional attention. Many homeowners each summer think their central air conditioning wouldn’t possibly breakdown during the season, and they’re usually the ones who wind up calling for service. T.Webber is here to provide you with central air conditioning repair in Brewster, NY that will stop you from worrying over any potential cooling system failures … [Read More]

3 Reasons to Get Ductless Air Conditioning in Brewster, NY This Summer

Seen the weather reports lately? You know, with those temperatures that are slowly but surely getting higher? Before you know it, the temperatures outdoors will be reaching record-highs and if you want to keep the inside of your home from feeling like a sauna, you need a reliable cooling system to stay comfortable. In that case, you should consider ductless air conditioning in Brewster, NY. Unlike other cooling systems, ductless air conditioning can provide you with many other benefits besides just cool air. It’s one huge step in making your life easier this season. And if you’re looking for … [Read More]

4 Easy Tips for AC Maintenance in Poughkeepsie, NY

You rely on your air conditioner to make your home a cool escape from summer’s heat, but without proper maintenance, you could spend the summer sweating. The best way to keep your unit up and running is to invest in regular AC maintenance in Poughkeepsie, NY. T.Webber is a licensed HVAC contractor that specializes in AC maintenance and repair, and they’ve built their business on a foundation of expert knowledge and years of experience. New York summers are humid, sticky, and unbearably hot, but with these maintenance tips, you’ll spend the summer cool and comfortable. Check the Condensing Unit: … [Read More]

4 Helpful Tips for Hudson Valley Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is on its way to the Hudson Valley. Woo Hoo! With those long, lazy days of summer come hot, hazy, humid temperatures. That means most of us will combat those with our trusty air conditioners. These 4 tips will help you maintain your central air system and keep it running at top-notch functionality all summer long. Do Away With Dirt & Debris: Use a wet/dry vac to clean leaves, debris and dirt from the exterior of your air conditioning unit. This simple maintenance strategy will keep these items from finding their way into the interior of your unit. Take … [Read More]

AC Repair in Westchester: 3 Maintenance Tips to Survive the Summer

Summertime, and thereby the need for AC repair in Westchester, is coming to an end, but it’s never too late to have your AC fixed and ready to go for the summer’s final few weeks.  There’s still plenty of time this season to soak up the sun and catch some rays at the beach, which also means you have time to enjoy your AC as a source of relief from the heat. Don’t mess it up by refusing AC repair simply because the season is coming to an end! T.Webber is always ready to deliver great AC repair in … [Read More]

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