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5 Reasons to Install a Ductless/Mini-Split System in Your Home

Are you looking for a new solution to solve your HVAC woes? A ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie could help you in several ways. If you would like to reap the benefits outlined below, call us at T.Webber today.

Lower Energy Bills

With a ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie, you don’t have to pay to heat or cool your entire home at once. Leave the ductless HVAC system off in rooms you aren’t using and your bills will automatically be lower. You can put each unit on a separate thermostat, so your ductless/mini-split system will only heat and cool where you tell it to. 

Cleaner Indoor Air

Ductwork can be a significant source of indoor air quality problems. Most ducts spread pet dander, dust, and allergens around your home. When you use a ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie, you won’t have to worry about these things anymore. Allergies and asthma may improve, too!

Improved Comfort

Do you have certain rooms that are never the right temperature? A ductless/mini-split system in Poughkeepsie could solve those problems forever. When you can control the temperature in each room individually, you can maintain comfort no matter where you are!

Quieter HVAC

Leaks in ductwork, critters who have inhabited your ductwork, or debris inside ductwork can all cause unwanted noise. A ductless/mini-split system eliminates ducts, so it eliminates all of the sources of noise from your home. 

Space Efficiency

Not all homes have space for a big central air conditioning system. But don’t worry. If you don’t have enough space for central air conditioning, ductless air conditioning can provide you with an alternative. Ductless air conditioning can fit seamlessly into your home, due to both its small size and incredibly adaptability. This makes for an altogether faster, easier installation process.

At T.Webber, we can get you ductless HVAC fast. Call us to schedule your appointment today! We’ll come out to assess your home, talk you through the installation process, and get things started ASAP. Before long, all of these benefits will be yours!

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