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4 Helpful Tips for Hudson Valley Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is on its way to the Hudson Valley. Woo Hoo! With those long, lazy days of summer come hot, hazy, humid temperatures. That means most of us will combat those with our trusty air conditioners. These 4 tips will help you maintain your central air system and keep it running at top-notch functionality all summer long.

  1. Do Away With Dirt & Debris: Use a wet/dry vac to clean leaves, debris and dirt from the exterior of your air conditioning unit. This simple maintenance strategy will keep these items from finding their way into the interior of your unit. Take time to rake away leaves and remove small branches that may have fallen to the ground under the weight of winter snow. In general, it’s a smart strategy to cover the top of the unit during winter to keep debris from entering in the first place.
  1. Regularly Change The Filter: Start each summer season with a fresh, new filter. This is a fairly easy DIY project and should require nothing more than an everyday screwdriver to remove the latch and replace it again. The filter simply slides in and out and will kick off barbecue season in your Hudson Valley home. End the season with a fresh filter as well. Remember – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  1. Clean The Vents: Simply dusting your vents on a monthly basis should do the trick. It may be more helpful to let our Hudson Valley professional provide you with a more thorough cleaning.
  1. Inspect The Coils: Visually scrutinize the evaporator and condenser coils on an annual basis. The beginning of the summer season is a good time to do this. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum or a sturdy, handheld brush to clean the coils thoroughly. Perform this routine cleaning again at the end of the season and you’ll be all set.

These tips should help you enjoy a fun, exciting, cool Hudson Valley summer. Of course, our best maintenance tip is to call T.Webber and let our team of pros maintain you’re a/c and keep you cool as a cucumber this summer.

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