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How to Get Your AC Ready for Spring

After a long, cold winter, we’ll finally be seeing some spring-like temperatures soon. While you may not need to crank up your air conditioner for the first time this season for a little while, now is still a good time to start thinking about taking care of some basic maintenance.

When your cooling system isn’t used for several months, components can wear out or seize up. Taking care of basic maintenance now ensures that your system will be good to go whenever hot temperatures finally do arrive. Here are a few basic tips for getting your AC ready for spring.

Getting Your AC Ready for Spring in 3 Easy Steps

Remove Debris

Debris can collect around the outdoor unit of your air conditioner during the fall and winter months. This debris prevents the unit from working properly. Before you turn your AC on for the first time this year, remember to remove any lids or covers, and clear out leaves, vegetation, trash, etc. to give the unit some breathing room.

Replace the Filter

Replacing the filter regularly is one of the most important parts of maintaining your air conditioner. In addition to keeping pollutants out of the air you breathe, the filter keeps debris out of your air conditioner and ensures that cooled air can circulate through your home unobstructed. If your filter is clogged, it forces the system to work harder and could result in frequent repairs and premature system failure.

Schedule a Service Call

We recommend having your air conditioner professionally serviced each spring. This important maintenance step ensures that any minor issues are detected and corrected before they can turn into major problems.

AC Maintenance in Cold Spring, New York

If you need help getting your AC ready for spring, let T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air and Air Conditioning help. We offer professional AC maintenance in Cold Spring, New York, and the surrounding areas, and we’ll make sure your home’s cooling system is ready to take on the months ahead. For service, please contact us today by calling 845-288-2777.

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