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Furnace Repair in Dutchess County

When you start to notice that you’re paying a great deal more for heating than you used to, DON’T just write it off as an effect for rising gas prices!  It could be a problem with your furnace’s efficiency.  As with any major appliance, a furnace has a limited lifespan: over the course of that lifespan, your furnace will lose capacity and start to waste more and more heat.  This may be the result of:

  • Damaged Ventilation– The pipes that lead heated air throughout your home are subject to wear and tear, and if there are leaks or gaps in the ventilation, or if the filters are clogged, your home will continue paying for heat energy that isn’t effective.
  • Rusted Parts– The inner workings of your furnace are complicated, and there are several moving parts that require regular oiling and lubrication. When was the last time you had the interior of the device inspected and cleaned?
  • Controls Need Adjustments– If your thermostat or pilot light is on the incorrect setting, you’ll be wasting heat and money on your utility bill, AND you won’t be properly heated in winter.

If your furnace is in disrepair, you are certainly losing money and at risk of a system breakdown.  Worse, your furnace could potentially be a safety risk: incomplete combustion creates carbon monoxide, which is why a cracked heat exchanger is a major hazard.  Manufacturers and the T.Webber experts both suggest that you have yearly maintenance done on your furnace, so if you know that your furnace hasn’t been checked in over 12 months you should call an expert today.  A T.Webber furnace repair professional will come to your home and:

  • Inspect The Furnace
  • Determine the Cause of the Issue
  • Provide a Reasonable Quote
  • Solve the Problem
  • Perform a Complete Test

STOP paying outrageous utility bills and START having T Webber Plumbing and Heating do a regular service check on your furnace to keep it running all through the New York winter.  Call today!

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