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T Webber – When Should I Call A Plumber in Westchester?

If you follow good practices like using a hair stopper for your drain and not putting eggs shells and coffee grinds in the garbage disposal then your pipes should remain in tip-top shape in the long term.

However, clogs happen and in most cases when armed with a plunger and a little elbow grease they are easily managed. Just be sure to learn the signs for more significant problems and when to call for a professional plumber in Westchester.


If the water or waste level in your drains seems to take forever to go down and you’ve plunged repeatedly, it could be a bigger problem. Soap, grease and organic materials build up over time. Plunging is better suited for dislodging objects. A professional plumber in Westchester should have the proper tools such as a rooter or hydro jet to break up the gunk.


If this is the third time this week you’ve had to plunge your kitchen, bathtub or bathroom sink you might not be reaching the source of the clog. Some homeowners might even own a plumbers snake, but even that might not be long enough. A plumber in Westchester, like T.Webber, should have the professional grade tools.

More than one clog

If all your drains won’t clear, don’t bother plunging just pick up the phone and call T Webber. Odds are multiple fixtures in your home haven’t simultaneously clogged, the main line is most likely compromised. Even the most self-reliant homeowners probably don’t have high-pressure water jetting and sewer camera inspection capabilities like a professional plumber in Westchester, whose job it is to deal with these situations on a daily basis.


If there is a bathroom smell, even in your kitchen or there seems to be an odor coming from the bathtub drain, call an experienced plumber in Westchester, like T Webber. That smell, however faint, might be a symptom of a much bigger issue. Think cracked or bent pipes or root interference. These obstructions can result in sewage backups and if waste can reach the septic tank it’s coming back in the house.

Know when you can d.i.y. a problem and when to call a plumber in Westchester. A little know-how can save you time, money and aggravation later.

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