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Our Local Plumber’s Holiday Guide – Preparing Your Plumbing System

A local plumber should the first person to call if you want to ensure your holiday season is one filled with cheer, or else you may find yourself shouting “Bah! Humbug!” at every small plumbing issue. As we draw nearer to the holidays, you are most likely focused on gift shopping, great food, and spending quality time with family. However, you should not allow your excitement for the holidays allow you to lose focus on your plumbing needs. Truth be told, just because we are in a time of seasonal cheer does not mean your plumbing problems will suddenly take a holiday break as well. The chances of drain clogs, leaky pipes, and toilet overflows remain as prevalent as ever. When any of these problems do occur in your household, it’s not like you can just wait until a later date to get them fixed. If you do, it may prove your costliest mistake. Clogs and leaks will only worsen with time, and will soon begin to impact your bank account. These problems will raise the costs of your utility bills if you allow them to persist long enough. In the event of a leak, you may also be wasting gallons of water that could otherwise have been used for more useful purposes. When you’re trying to save up money for gifts this season, you certainly don’t want bills interfering with your budget, so it’s better to take steps in preventing them altogether.

How Can  T.Webber Help You?

Fortunately, you can find a local plumber at T.Webber. In fact, we have an entire team of plumbers ready to handle any of your plumbing issues. It’s our goal to see you enjoy this season to its fullest without worrying over things like drain clogs and pipe leaks. We offer a wide range of plumbing services including drain cleaning, pipe repair, toilet repair, and so much more. And we’ll work quickly as well; we’ll be in and out of your home before the holiday festivities begin. With our services, you will experience a wide range of benefits that will prove the best gifts you’ll receive this season.  First and foremost, you will be able to save more money on utility bills, which will prove incredibly helpful when you are trying to gear savings toward buying your family the gifts they want most. You will also be able to enjoy greater, longer-lasting performance from your most essential plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks. Above all else, you will be able to focus on matters the most: spending quality time with your family and friends at the most joyous time of the year.

What Can Go Wrong Without Maintenance?

Not maintaining your plumbing system for the holidays will result in a wide range of problems that will put a damper on any good spirits. To highlight the importance of maintenance this season, here are 3 of the most major setbacks you will experience if you do not take action in changing your plumbing system for the better:

  1. Increase in Expenses: Significant damage to your pipes that will require you to spend more money on pipe repair. That means the money you would have otherwise saved on gift shopping, preparing dinners, and more will have to go toward fixing your plumbing system instead.
  2. More Stress and Inconvenience: Despite all of its associated peace and relaxation, the holidays can also be a stressful time of year for people. When you add plumbing problems to the mix, it can be even worse. There is also the inconvenience of not being able to use your plumbing fixtures as you had planned during the holidays, which can greatly influence how you function in your home.
  3. Damage to Your Home: In addition to the possibility of your plumbing’s pipes and other parts of its infrastructure becoming damaged, you may experience water damage in your home that will go beyond just messing up your holiday decorations.

How to Prepare Your Plumbing System

While you may not be a licensed professional, you can still take steps in preparing your plumbing system for the holidays, especially by taking these steps:

  1. Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Products: When you experience a clog in your sink, your first instant may be to use a chemical drain cleaning solution for instant relief. However, these solutions are not good for your drainage pipes. The chemical components may instead eat away at your drains and result in you spending money on plumbing service to get it fixed. Avoid them at all costs and instead rely on more organic means of cleaning.
  2. Use Hot Water: Running hot water down the drain on regular basis may prove one of the easiest drain cleaning solutions available. The hot water will act as a lubricant and loosen any substances sticking to the walls of your drain. If you sense a major blockage is soon to occur right before the big holiday party, this may be your most useful resource.
  3. Be Prepared: You should stock your bathroom with a plunger in the event of any minor clog breaks out in the toilet, especially if you have guests over the house. You should also keep a trash can in the bathroom so occupants will have an alternate method of disposal and will not be putting anything down the toilet that doesn’t belong there.
  4. Avoid Putting Grease or Oil down the Drain: You may be making a lot of meals this holiday season with grease or cooking oil. However, don’t throw any excess grease or oil down the drain. It will harden and create a blockage that will prove incredibly difficult to remove. Discard in the regular garbage.
  5. Call T.Webber for Maintenance: Contact a local plumber at T.Webber to give your plumbing system a thorough inspection so that you know it is in top shape for the holidays. We can make sure your plumbing system is checked down to the last detail and make durable repairs for any issue we come across. If it means you experience a joyful holiday, we will make the extra effort.

Ensure the Holiday Season Remains the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Contacting Your Local Plumber Today!

Contact T.Webber today if you want to ensure the happiest of holidays, thanks to high-quality maintenance from a local plumber!

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