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3 Warning Signs You Have a Broken Septic System in Westchester

You might not think about your septic system very often but it is one of the most important plumbing systems in your home. Without it, life would certainly be a lot less convenient. Since we rely so heavily on this technology functioning properly, it’s important to keep it maintained and serviced regularly. When you need services to your septic system in Westchester, you need T.Webber Plumbing! 

Is Your Septic System Damaged? 

Since you can’t exactly look at your septic system, it can be difficult to know if it’s functioning properly. That’s why routine maintenance is so vital to its performance. A licensed technician has the proper equipment to give your septic system the inspection it needs. However, damages can arise at any time. It’s important to be able to read early warning signs of damages and address them accordingly.

Foul odors. Use your nose! If something smells wrong, it probably is. If you can smell your septic system, it’s not a good sign. You need professional help right away! Strong odors could indicate a broken pipe where there is an active leak. A professional will be able to accurately find the exact location of the damage using video camera inspection.

Slow drainage. If one, or several, plumbing fixtures in your home isn’t draining properly; there is probably a backup somewhere in your septic line. This clog should be addressed as quickly as possible so that the problem isn’t made worse with additional use.

Wet, soft spots in the yard. If there are wet patches in your yard this could indicate that your leach field system is failing. You need professional help right as soon as possible! The experts at T.Webber can identify the exact problem by using a percolation test.

Other signs of damage to your septic system include gurgling noises from pipes and grass that is unusually green and tall. If any of these symptoms are affecting your plumbing, don’t wait! You need help right away!

What are you waiting for? Call T.Webber Plumbing today and keep your home and septic system safe from damages!

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