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Duct Cleaning in Poughkeepsie, NY – 3 Reasons It’s Important

Spring’s here, and that means it’s time for duct cleaning in Poughkeepsie! After the long, severe winter we’ve had, it’s advisable to make sure your central air system is in top-notch shape for the summer. And duct cleaning plays an important role in this because it:

  1. Removes any mold or mildew. Mold and mildew can cause serious respiratory problems, as well as headaches and skin conditions. Duct cleaning immediately eliminates any active mold or mildew and prevents the spores from spreading it further.
  2. Removes contaminants and pollutants. Our modern lifestyle is a source of chemicals in the air. Anything from aerosol and paint particles to cigarette smoke and pollution from traffic outdoors creates a build-up of particles in the ducts. And since the air circulates through the ducts multiple times a day, the air quality becomes consistently lower… unless you have the ducts cleaned.
  3. Alerts you to any air leaks in the ducts. Air leaks are a source of energy loss, making your central air run far less efficiently than it should. Be pinpointing air leaks in a timely fashion, you can have them sealed and ensure your energy consumption (and bills!) remain low.

Health Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is extremely important if you or anybody in your family has respiratory problems, allergies, or any other condition that makes them vulnerable to low-quality air. In fact, it’s often advisable to consider installing an air filtration system with a HEPA filter to improve the air quality even more. It’s not only an investment in your health and well being but also in your home.

When to Schedule Duct Cleaning

The best time to schedule duct cleaning is in the spring before the extreme temperatures of summer arrive. This ensures all the build-up from the winter is gone before you start running your AC every day. It also allows plenty of time for any repairs in the event you find air leaks.

Don’t breathe contaminated air any longer than you have to: call T.Webber today to schedule duct cleaning for your home!

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