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Switch to Natural Gas and earn up to $6150 in Cash Incentives & a FREE Gas Line Installation

If you are a Hudson Valley homeowner who has ever considered converting their heating system from oil to natural gas, now is the perfect time.  For a limited time only, Central Hudson is offering the first 100 qualifying residential customers up to $6150 in cash incentives plus a free gas service line installation (a $4500 value!).  By using T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, a Blue Shield Trade Ally, you can maximize your savings and ensure you receive the full $6150.00 cash incentive.

Why should you consider switching your heating system from oil to gas?

  • Natural gas is better for the environment, as it has lower carbon emissions than oil.
  • Natural gas is cost effective. The cost of heating your home with oil is typically more expensive than natural gas.
  • Natural gas is versatile. Beyond your heating system, it can be used to heat your swimming pool, heat your water, dry your clothes, light your gas fireplace, or used around your kitchen.
  • Natural gas is convenient. Unlike oil which must be delivered to your property, natural gas is piped into your home so you never have to worry about running out.

This is an incredible offer that will not last long.  To learn more about the offer, visit  Want to schedule a no-obligation estimate on converting your oil to a gas heating system?  Give us a call today!  T.Webber provides expert heating service, including oil to gas conversions throughout the Hudson Valley for nearly 30 years.

Heating Conversion Incentive Type Boiler Furnace
Central Hudson bonus for switching (1st 100 customers!) $4000 $4000
Discount for using a Blue Shield Trade Ally $500 $500
Central Hudson matching bonus for using a Blue Shield Trade Ally $500 $500
Maximum efficient boiler/furnace rebate $700 $300
Efficient indirect water heater rebate $250
Boiler reset control rebate $125
ECM furnace fan rebate $200
Natural gas Wi-Fi thermostat rebate $75 $75
Total Cash Incentives $6,150 $5,575
Free Gas Service Line $4,500 $4,500
Total Value: $10,650 $10,075
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