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5 Questions to Ask Before Furnace Installation in Pleasantville NY

When you want furnace installation in Pleasantville, you need to make sure it’s done right. After all, can you imagine how many headaches you’d get from poor installation? It’s a future potentially filled with plenty of repair bills, less-than-adequate heating, safety hazards, and more! Plus, while there are certainly many trustworthy heating contractors out there, there are a few who will try to make you pay more for lower quality work. Now that we’re in the midst of winter, it’s more important than ever to ensure you receive furnace installation of the highest quality!

T.Webber is here to supply you with furnace installation in Pleasantville NY ensuring you’ll stay warm all winter long. We’d hate to see our customers go without heating this season, which is why we’re always waiting by the phone for the next call. Of course, we also want homes with furnace installation in Pleasantville that is dependable, so you’ll worry less this winter about furnace breakdowns. We’re here to show you how to avoid the scams and get the furnace you want!

What Should You Ask Before Furnace Installation?
The temperature on the thermometer is steadily decreasing, and furnace installation is important than ever. But how exactly can you ensure you have the best heating possible for the season? Ask these 5 questions and you’ll be golden:

  • “What Fuel Type is Better?” The three main types of fuel sources for furnaces are gas, oil, and electricity. Gas furnaces are the most economical of three but you may want to consider other fuel sources if you don’t have a gas line in your home. Oil furnaces are powerful but cost more money to maintain. Electric furnaces are another alternative but since they create original heat from electricity, they’ll cost you more money on bills.
  • “How Can You Figure Out Pricing?” While you certainly want a high-performing furnace in your home, it’s also important to consider your budget. Lesser price doesn’t automatically translate into lower quality heating. Natural gas furnaces can cost between $2,000 and $14,500 to install. Energy efficient, yes, but how does it fit into your budget?
  • “How Can You Determine Sizing?” Your first instinct may be to go for that big furnace, but a smaller furnace can provide you adequate heating for a lesser price. Also be sure to consider furnace size in terms of your living situation, which can vary if you live alone or with others. Your local contractor who can help you determine the right furnace size by measuring the space in your home.
  • “What are the Options for Speed blowers?” Furnaces come equipped with either one of two-speed blowers—variable speed blowers and fixed speed blowers. They do exactly what their names apply—fixed speed blowers distribute air at a certain rate while variable speed blowers vary in speed as to how they distribute air.
  • “What are the Incentives?” No matter what type of furnace you decide to install, it’s important to ask your local heating contractor about the incentives. You want to make some flow of cash is coming back into your wallet and that you’re not totally left in a financial jam.

Contact T.Webber today for furnace installation in Pleasantville NY and ask our heating contractors any of these questions!

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