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Boiler Maintenance in Orange County, NY

Do you suspect your boiler isn’t functioning properly anymore?  Like any major appliance, residential boilers do have a lifespan: they are subject to rust, disrepair, and a whole host of other issues that might influence capacity.  But how do you know if you need your boiler to be maintained? The experts at T.Webber are always ready to help with their express, accurate, and dependable service.  First, however, there are some checks that you can perform on your own:

  • Check the Boiler Flame– If your boiler’s flame is orange or yellow, that means it isn’t heating properly and has some kind of issue. You’ll need to call a boiler engineer.  Properly functioning boilers have a clear blue flame.
  • Listen for Noises– Boilers that are operating correctly do not make clanking or ticking noises. Restart your furnace, and if you hear these sounds, call a service professional.
  • Thaw Frozen Pipes– When your boiler gets a frozen pipe, your heating will come to a standstill. You can fix this on your own by carefully checking to see which pipe is cold and them applying a hold water bottle or pouring some warm water onto it.

As a homeowner, you can be more in touch with the inner workings of your home by performing these actions. Beyond these simple checks, however, it can be foolish or even very dangerous to tamper with an active boiler on your own.

Call a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing.  The T.Webber heating technicians have seen it all, and they’re guaranteed to know exactly how you can fix your boiler, lower your utility bills, improve your home’s heating, and give you complete peace of mind.  Contact T.Webber for a checkup today!

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