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Ask Our Pleasantville Heating Contractor: How Can You Save Money This Winter?

When you’re trying to escape any flurries or freezing temperatures this season, you probably want to rely on your heating system as much as possible. It may feel nice, but there’s one problem: it’s not cost-efficient. So, yes, while it is important to have heating in your home this winter, you must know how to balance heat with your budget. You may not find all that heating to be comfortable when you’re busy worrying over how much it will cost you on monthly heating bills.

If you want to know how you can stay warm and cost-efficient this season, please call T.Webber and we’ll have our Pleasantville heating contractor give you some money-saving tips. Great comfort shouldn’t come at a great cost, and the team at T.Webber wants you to be free of financial stress this winter. Of course, we can provide you with any installation, repair, or replacement you may need to avoid the perils of high heating bills!

Money-Saving Tips from Our Pleasantville Heating Contractor

Rising heating costs only add another layer of stress to your life and if you heat your home without any regard to how much money it’s costing you.  Take the following advice if you want to avoid worrying about heating costs as opposed to actually enjoying the season:

  1. Don’t rely on exhaust fans: Exhaust fans can move hot air out of any room and out of your home, so only use them when you absolutely must. They can still be used during the season, but keep usage at a minimum.
  2. Turn down water heater temperature: It may be tempting to rely on hot water, but water heaters make up between 14 and 25 percent of your monthly heating bill. To keep costs down and keep water from verging on scalding, turn down your water heater temperature by at least 10 degrees.
  3. Use ceiling fans: Did you know turning ceiling fans clockwise will trap heat in your home and keep rooms warmer? Ceiling fans are most often thought of as useful only during the summer, but they prove just as effective during the winter!
  4. Stock up on warm clothing: Pack away the tee shirt and shorts! Stock up on sweaters, jackets, and wool socks so you can stay warm and cozy more often without ever having to turn on your heating system!
  5. Use the sunlight: Outdoor temperatures may be lower than ever, but the sun is still shining, so open those curtains and allow the sunlight in for free heating. The sun will provide heat with you ever having to pay an extra dime!

Contact T.Webber today if you want to learn more money-saving tips from our Pleasantville heating contractor!

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