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Why Water Jetting Is the Most Effective Type of Drain Cleaning in Brewster, NY

Are you in need of drain cleaning in Brewster, NY? Then you’re best advised to hire a plumbing contractor that offers water jetting. Read on to find out why!

Why You Need Drain Cleaning in Brewster, NY

Before we dive into the best plumbing practices for drain cleaning, let’s just take a moment to examine exactly why you need to keep your home’s drains clean.

We’ve seen it happen so many times: first-time homeowners who are truly surprised by the fact that their drains are clogged. Of course, if you’ve been renting all your life, or if you’ve just moved out of your parents’ place, then taking care of the property’s drains probably wasn’t your responsibility. But the fact is that every home’s drains need to be cleaned and maintained, and here’s why:

  • Sludge and sediment build up. Wastewater contains all sorts of stuff that can cause sludge and sediment to build up. When this happens, the diameter of the drain effectively grows smaller—and that can lead to clogs.
  • Roots can penetrate the drain. If you have trees or shrubs on your property, their roots are going to grow towards your drain and work their way inside in search of the nutrients in the wastewater. Over time, drains can become blocked by the roots.
  • Larger items can clog the drain. Sometimes, a larger item gets washed down the drain unintentionally—almost always leading to a clog within a couple of days.

Water Jetting Is the Most Effective Type of Drain Cleaning in Brewster, NY

We’re so fortunate to live in a time where technology advances faster than ever before because that means that plumbing technology also advances with leaps and bounds! Back in the day, the only ways to clear a clogged drain were either with a rooter or by trenching—both super labor intensive, costly, and time-consuming methods. Water jetting, on the other hand, is fast, cost-effective, and non-invasive. Water is forced into the drain at high speeds and basically blasts its way through any obstructions. Because it’s all water, it doesn’t damage the pipes. And best of all: once it’s done, we can insert a special camera into the drain to show you precisely what it looks like inside!

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