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Benefits of Hydro Jetting in Cold Spring

We all get a clogged drain once in a while. But if you find your drains becoming clogged often, even after you’ve tried clearing them out, you might want to consider hydro-jetting. This method of drain cleaning uses a powerful stream of water, aimed at the cause of your blockage, to clean your pipes and free your clogged plumbing of debris, hair, and grease.

Hydro jetting offers homeowners a number of benefits over other methods of clearing clogged drains, such as corrosive chemicals or electric drain snakes. Three major benefits of hydro jetting are:

Long-Lasting Results

Many drain cleaning techniques only clear a hole through your blockage, rather than remove it. They restore the flow of water, sure, but only for a while. Because your clog is still partially intact, eventually it will increase in size and stop up your drain once again, probably faster than you think. Hydro-jetting completely cleans out your pipes, leaving nothing behind and no chance of your blockage returning. Not only will you have clear plumbing, but you also won’t have to spend time thinking about what you’ll do the next time your bathtub drain backs up.

Saves Money and Time

Because hydro jetting can clear out pipes so completely, the interval between essential cleanings is typically many times longer than with other pipe cleaning techniques. A longer time between pipe cleanings means fewer visits from your plumbing professional and more cash in your bank account to spend on things you enjoy. It also means that more of your leisure time can be spent doing the things you want to do, not worrying about your toilets and sinks.

Better for the Environment

Unlike pipe scouring techniques that rely on harsh chemicals, hydro-jetting uses pure water. This is better for your home’s plumbing because it reduces the likelihood of pipe damage, and it is better for the environment: There are no corrosive chemical residues to seep into groundwater, harming animals, plants and, potentially, you and your family.

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