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Leaky or water-logged pressure tank? We can help!

Well Pressure TanksIn most residential well systems, water does not come directly from the well pump to your fixtures.  Instead, it is drawn and held in a reservoir known as a pressure tank. The pressure tank allows homeowners to draw water on demand without needing to turn the pump on every time you need water.  This benefits homeowners in two ways: pressure tanks protect and prolong the lifespan of a well pump and also provide homeowners with the water pressure they need to do simple everyday tasks (shower, fill a tub, etc).

When pressure tanks fail – the internal bladder bursts, the pressure switch malfunctions, or the tank itself springs a leak, it can jeopardize the entire well system.

You may have an issue with your well pressure tank if:

  • You hear the well pump kicking on every time you use water
  • Your water pressure is fluctuating wildly
  • You see a visible leak

It is critical to repair or replace your pressure tank when problems arise to ensure you are safeguarding your well system.  A failing pressure tank will increase the wear and tear on the well pump and ultimately can cause premature well pump failure.

If you think you may have an issue with your well pressure tank – or any component of your well system – call T.Webber.  Our Plumbing & Well System experts are available all day, every to ensure you have the help you need, when you need it most.

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