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Emergency Heating Services


Since 1987, T. Webber Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning has been Westchester County’s go-to emergency home service company. So if you need immediate same day heating system repair or replacement, your next step should be to call the experts at T. Webber. We have the training, tools and experience to resolve your heating emergency fast and effectively the very first time.

Our fleet of radio-dispatched trucks is fully stocked with a wide selection of spare parts, tools, and equipment enabling us to provide emergency heating service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When we arrive to your home we will diagnose your heating problem and figure out what we to get it fixed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Same Day Emergency Furnace Repair Services

At T. Webber, our trucks don’t leave office without being fully stocked with the most common high quality furnace parts and equipment so we can help you resolve your furnace issue without delay.  We fix:

  • Faulty Pilot Lights
  • No Heat Troubleshooting
  • Broken Fans
  • Defective Blowers
  • Bad Electrical Connections
  • Damaged Coils
  • Dirty or Clogged Air Filter
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Air Flow Problems

Same Day Emergency Boiler Repair Services

With decades of boiler repair experience, the T. Webber team will fix the unit efficiently and correctly the very first time. Our number one priority is to get you back to being comfortable and warm in your own home. All T.Webber trucks are fully stocked with high quality boiler parts and equipment so we can be prepared to help you solve any boiler related. We fix:

  • Fix Lack of Heat
  • Perform Boiler System Flushing to Clear Mineral Deposit Build-up
  • Repair Expansion Tank Problems
  • Fix Radiator Problems
  • Replace Thermocouple Sensor Failures
  • Locate and Repair Water Leaks
  • Fix Frozen Lines
  • Flush Clogged Lines
  • Repair Faulty Valves
  • Troubleshoot and Repair Kettling
  • Repair Poor Insulation
  • Replace Faulty Pilot Lights

Same Day Emergency Heat Pump Repair Services

It is normal for an outdoor heat pump to have a buildup of frost on the outside coil during the harsh winter months.  But this buildup, if not addressed, can completely cover the outdoor unit. Most heat pumps are designed to automatically engage in defrost mode every 30-90 minutes, depending on how your particular unit is programmed.  Without proper care, heavy ice buildup can inflict costly damage to your unit. We fix:

  • Burned Heat Strips
  • Frozen Lines
  • Defective Capacitor
  • Faulty Fans
  • Broken Blower
  • Burned Wires
  • Thermostat no calibrated
  • Low Refrigerant charge
  • Refrigerant flow-related problem
  • Poor efficiency
  • Bad reversing valve
  • Bad compressor valve
  • Compressor is not running

Don’t trust your winter heating emergency to a lesser service company. Only T. Webber has the combination of experience, training and advanced technology to restore your home to warmth before you can say, ‘BRR!’ Call today—our operators are standing by!



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