4 Signs You Need Water Softening in Pleasantville NY

March 6, 2016

But what does that mean?

Water with surplus amounts of calcium, magnesium, and sodium is considered hard. In general, these minerals are not hazardous to a person’s health. However, they can be detrimental to your clothing, appliances and your Pleasantville home’s plumbing.

Water softeners can be installed at the main line as the water enters your home or closer to faucets and heavy water use appliances. These units replace the ions that cause hard water with less damaging elements.

Learn the four signs that you need water softening today, and soon you and your family will be living more comfortably in your Pleasantville home.

  1. Spots and Deposits: Have you purchased every, “spot free” dish soap on the market, but your dishes still need a good scrubbing to remove all the white spots after going through the dishwasher? It might not be the soap’s fault. The mineral deposits from your hard water could be clouding up your glassware. If you suspect this is the case, check around the faucet for additional crusty, white deposits. Inspect the tub for soap scum. Water releases mineral ions as it is heated. When these elements come into contact with the soap they bind together and cause soap scum.
  2. Hard to wash: Are you constantly reminding your children to go easy on the shampoo, only to find yourself using copious amounts as well? If might not be their fault or yours, it might be your Pleasantville home’s hard water. As explained above, those hot mineral ions bind with soap, regardless of what form it comes in dish, shampoo or detergent. Are your clothes coming out of the washing machine stiff? Are the whites more gray or yellow than white? Again, the minerals don’t know the difference between clothes, silverware or your hair. They just find soap, bind with it, and hang around. Water softening is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of soap you use while still getting a real deep clean.
  3. Plumbing Problems: Hard water can cause problems for the pipes coming into your Pleasantville home as well as for the ones leaving it. Despite their microscopic size, the tiny minerals that come into your home are corrosive. Over time they can cause plumbing to break down and even affect the tubes and the pipes leading to your dishwasher and washing machine. The problem with corrosion doesn’t stop just because the hard water is exiting your Pleasantville home either. It is actually compounded because now the minerals are impeding the breakdown of soaps and shampoos, which can develop into clogs.
  4. High Electricity Bill: Your hot water heater is constantly in contact with… water. However, unlike the cold water coming into your home, it’s getting heated and kept warm, which causes a concentrated release of mineral ions. As the calcium, magnesium, and sodium build up in your hot water heater they lower its efficiency. Water softening is one way to reduce the strain on your water heater. By installing a water softening unit, your water heater will function at its optimum level, which will help keep your energy bills in check.

It’s a lot of information to take in. But the key takeaway is that water softening if one easy and effective way to improve you and your family’s overall well-being in your Pleasantville home. Not sure how to start? Call T.Webber.

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