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How Can You Avoid Clogs with Kitchen and Bath Drains in Pleasantville, NY?

Think about how often you rely on kitchen and bath drains in Pleasantville, NY. Go ahead, just think. You need drains for showering before work in the morning. You need drains to wash dishes in your kitchen sink. You need drains every time you flush the toilet.

But here’s a thought: what happens when kitchen and bath drains in Pleasantville, NY start to clog? How can you possibly live in your home comfortably if you don’t have clean drains that help you function? Well, unfortunately, drain clogs are quite a common problem, and you need to call for service immediately to fix them.

If you want to continue to live in your home comfortably and conveniently, T.Webber should be your first choice for service on kitchen and bath drains. We offer drain snaking, video camera inspection, and water jetting services that aim to blast away clogs immediately.  Once you suspect your drains are on the verge of clogging, make the call to our plumbers and they’ll be more than happy to provide you with service.

Kitchen and Bath Drains in Pleasantville, NY: How Can You Avoid Clogs?

In addition to our services, please take the following steps to ensure clogs won’t be impacting your kitchen and bath drains any time soon:

  • Keep larger food scraps away from your drains and discard them in the regular garbage instead. In addition, use a strainer to filter out any scraps and prevent them from entering your drains.
  • Avoid putting grease or oil down kitchen drains. Grease and oil can harden and make passage through your drains impossible. Instead, store grease or oil in a container before discarding it in the garbage.
  • Don’t flush heavy paper products down the drain, including paper plates and cups. Especially avoid flushing heavy paper products down the toilet as it can easily result in an overflow.
  • Pour boiled water down your drains to melt away any existing grease or oil that is clinging onto the sides of your drainage pipes.
  • Clean your drain stoppers regularly or else they can become blocked with hair, soap, and other substances that can prevent it from working at its best.
  • While chemical drain cleaning is often the go-to for drain cleaning, use it sparingly, as the chemical components can bring long-term damage to your pipes.

Contact T.Webber today if your kitchen and bath drains in Pleasantville, NY are giving you problems and we can provide you with excellent service!

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