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8 Points of Inspection for a Heating Tune-Up

Start your fall off the right way with a heating tune-up from T.Webber. Though you may be excited by the promises of foliage and that crisp fall air, you need to make sure you are ready for the incoming cold weather. After all, when the temperatures begin to cool down, the last thing you want to experience is a heating system breakdown. But setbacks of not seeking a heating tune-up may prove far greater than simply a lack of heat or furnace breakdowns. You may also experience higher energy costs, poor indoor air quality, and frequent calls for professional repair service due to your furnace constantly breaking down. Worse, you also put the well-being of your family at stake, especially when a faulty furnace will see a higher risk of emitting harmful gasses like carbon monoxide and causing residential fires.

T.Webber Offers Best-in-Class Heating Tune-Up Services

However, you can avoid all these troubles and more if you call T.Webber for a heating tune-up that will improve your furnace just in time for fall. We want to see homeowners be able to live comfortably in their home during the upcoming season and once one of our fully-trained, licensed contractors takes care of your furnace, it is comfort guaranteed. Even if you are unsure over whether your furnace actually needs a maintenance check, it is recommended you seek heating maintenance from us once a year. If you have yet to do so in 2016, you need to make a plan before fall truly arrives to have the T.Webber team give your heating system a closer look.

The Top 8 Points of Inspection for a Heating Tune-Up

The great thing about our heating tune-up service is that our heating contractors can closely examine your furnace and repair any problem in their earliest stages before they worsen. This will help you avoid all the stress and hassle later in the season. A part of what makes our heating maintenance service so effective is our extensive maintenance checklist ensuring even the smallest areas of the furnace are checked. In particular, these 8 points of inspection prove incredibly helpful in allowing our contractors to their jobs to the best of their abilities:

  1. Burner Inspection: The burner on your furnace plays a huge role in producing, as it is mainly responsible for mixing air and fuel for it to be later turned into heat. However, inspection in this area of the system is vital, as the burner can experience a buildup of contaminants over time that will prevent it from doing its job effectively. A contractor from T.Webber will pay close attention to the burner and will clean out any contaminants that are negatively impacting its performance.
  2. Combustion Chamber Inspection: Similar to the burner, any contamination on the combustion chamber can prevent it from working properly. However, the consequences may prove even worse. Not only will you see a lower level of performance from your heating system, but you may also risk the possibility of encountering safety hazards. It is highly important that a heating contractor at T.Webber provide you with an inspection that will clean out any contaminants before they being to negatively impact the furnace’s level of efficiency
  3. Heat Exchanger Inspection: Above all else, your heating exchanger needs to be inspected to ensure your furnace is able to provide you with heat at all. The exchanger is primarily responsible for the transfer of heat and distributing it through all areas of your house. However, if there are any lingering issues, you need a contractor at T.Webber to take a closer look to ensure the best heating performance.
  4. Cracked Belt Inspection: The belt on your furnace is incredibly flexible but unfortunately, this also makes it more susceptible to cracking. Even when you don’t think there is a problem with the belt, cracks sometimes aren’t immediately visible to the eye. The watchful eye of one of our heating contractors proves useful in identifying even the smallest amount of damage to the belt so repairs can be made quickly.
  5. Belt Tension & Alignment Inspection: Cracking is not the only issue that can spring up with furnace belts. You also need to be aware of belt tension and alignment which, if not aligned properly, can shorten belt lifespan and leave you in a position where you will need to replace it. A heating contractor will conduct tests on the belt to ensure its tension remains at an acceptable level. If it is unaligned in any way, the contractor will need to adjust it.
  6. Gas Line Inspection: A gas leak is a huge safety concern, which makes this inspection one of the most important we conduct during the tune-up process. Our contractors have the experience and tools necessary to fix any gas leak we come across during inspection. Even the smallest leak in the gas line deserves immediate attention, especially when your family’s safety is at risk.
  7. Flue Inspection: The flue is an important furnace component responsible for ventilation. However, it can also stop working properly due to contaminant buildup, especially if there is a blocked duct or pipe. A heating contractor will inspect the area and remove any obstruction so your furnace continues to experience a higher level of ventilation performance.
  8. Safety Control Inspection: Safety features like shut-off valve and pressure alarms need to be checked as well so they continue to do their job in keeping your home safe. A heating contractor will make any repairs necessary to ensure they will not falter when you need them the most. You might also consider getting a programmable thermostat installed to increase the efficiency of your system.

In addition to these inspection services, we also provide adjustment and routine maintenance work. As far as we’re concerned, a heating tune-up cannot be extensive enough. If it means providing you with safe yet efficient heating, we’ll do it. Remember: a heating tune-up will not just ensure heating for this fall, but for years. When you consider just how one tune-up can ensure long-term peace of mind, it is one of the best ways to make your life easier.

Call T.Webber today to get unlimited comfort throughout this fall and winter with a high-quality heating tune-up!

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