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Heating System Installations in Hudson Valley

A heating system installation isn’t just some activity you can postpone until later. If it is fall and you still don’t have a reliable source of heating to combat the cold weather, you need to be proactive and get it done now. However, some homeowners will make the need for warm air a little too urgent and instead throw caution to the wind in terms of what heating system they purchase. This approach leaves worse for wear, especially when it results in them paying more on utility bills. Don’t be one of these homeowners. You should instead put installation into serious consideration before you make the move to purchase anything.  After all, home heating makes up over 48% of the average homeowner’s energy budget. With a total that high, you cannot afford to risk installing the wrong system without it putting a massive dent in your savings.  There is also the additional safety hazard, as an improperly installed or sized system can lead to home heating fires or carbon monoxide emissions. For the sake of your family’s comfort and well-being, make sure you have all the information you need before you make a final decision.

Why Should You Call Us for Heating System Installation?

The next time you need heat in your home, call T.Webber for heating system installation. Our team of heating contractors wants you to live comfortably during the coldest days of the year. We don’t want to see homeowners with a system that’s bringing constant headaches or not delivering an adequate amount of heat. That’s why our contractors specialize in customer service dedicated to making sure your needs are met. With temperatures outdoors now making a steady descent, you can take comfort in knowing we will be available to provide excellent heating service at any time. Our installation is quick yet effective. We can even consult with you in ensuring you get the heating system worth every last dollar. But of course, you need to call immediately or else you may be stuck in the cold later in the season!

4 Points of Consideration Before Installation

If you are unsure what kinds of factors go into choosing what heating system to installation, here are some points of consideration for you think about:

  • Heating Needs: At the end of the day, heating system installation is all about how you can get your needs met. What do you want out of a heating system besides warm air? Energy-efficiency? Longevity? You also need to factor in your living situation, whether you live with a growing family or by yourself. The heating system you install can depend on just how many people need warm air, if at all.
  • Energy Efficiency: Speaking of energy efficiency, you should definitely consider the system’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rate. A high AFUE rating will reveal just how much a heating system will save you on energy bills. If energy-efficiency is your top concern, this should be your most important point of consideration.
  • System Cost: Don’t just settle for a system simply because it’s cost-efficient. You may discover that a lower price means lower quality. You also need to factor in annual operating costs and the cost of upfront installation. If you find a highly-efficient system with an installation cost working against your budget, you may want to consider another system.
  • System Size: Installing a system without any regard to its size is a major mistake. Any licensed heating contractor will know to conduct measurements in your home before any installation work. If not, you will wind up with a heating system that can’t possibly work to the best of its abilities, even if it is just because it does not fit in your home.

Types of Heating Systems

At T.Webber, we want you to have options in terms of how you heat your home. You should not have to stick with a heating system if you feel it is not right for you. With that in mind, here are 3 different heating options we are more than willing to provide:


500 coupon furnace installation hudson valley ny

Today’s furnaces are the most efficient to date. This is particularly true for gas furnaces. They boast an incredibly high AFUE rating of up to 98.5%, guaranteeing you save so much more on energy bills. Thanks to a second heat exchanger and sealed combustion, gas furnaces manage to find the right balance between quiet and efficient performance. These aren’t your furnaces of yesteryear. They’re modern, effective, and last longer than ever before. If you want one, call for furnace installation immediately.


500 coupon boiler installation hudson valley ny

This type of system uses vaporized hot water for central heating. Like furnaces, boilers are making great strides in delivering energy-efficient heat. Modern units offer greater durability, keeping you away from trouble like leaks or loud, banging noises. You are bound to save so much more on future boiler repair with a modern system delivering a more consistent flow of heat.

Heat Pumps

500 coupon heat pump installation hudson valley  ny

This type is an amazing alternative to fuel-burning systems, opting instead to use less energy in heating up your home. Though they have a much higher installation cost compared to other heating system types, heat pumps absorb warm air from the ground or air and drop into a heat sink. They will also reverse this process during the warmer months to generate cool air. Since they rely less on fuel, they are guaranteed to be much kinder to the environment.

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