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3 Causes of Furnace Failure in Hudson Valley

When it’s below zero outside, the last problem you want to deal with is furnace failure. Regrettably, furnace failure tends to occur at the most inconvenient times. If you think you might be dealing with furnace failure in Hudson Valley, there could be several reasons why. Read on to learn about 3 causes of furnace failure:

The Air Filter is Soiled or Clogged

Your furnace’s air filter keeps the unit from releasing dust particles and other allergens into the air inside your home. A clean filter is not only important for your home’s air quality, but it is also a key factor in your furnace’s performance. If your furnace has broken down, the first thing that should be checked is the filter. If your air filter is dirty, try cleaning or replacing it to see if that might solve the problem.

The Furnace’s Ignition or Pilot isn’t Working Properly

Your furnace either has a pilot light or an electronic ignition system, depending on its age and type. These provide the power that your furnace needs to ignite the gas or oil it uses for fuel. If the ignition or pilot is not working, your furnace will not work either. To figure out if your furnace failure is due to the malfunctioning of its pilot or electronic ignition, check to see if the pilot light has been extinguished, or observe the ignition process when your furnace turns on.

The Furnace Has not Been Maintained According to Manufacturer’s Guidelines

A frequent cause of furnace failure in WestchesterCounty is due to units not being correctly maintained. Your furnace should be inspected by a professional on a yearly basis to ensure that worn out parts are replaced – before they break. Failure to maintain your furnace according to its manufacturer’s guidelines can ultimately cause complete furnace failure.

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