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4 Main Types of Drain Clogs in Pleasantville

Drain clogs in Pleasantville are definitely not the gifts you want to receive this holiday season. Your sink, toilet, shower, and more are at risk to experience some tough clogs that may see your home’s most essential plumbing fixtures suddenly rendered useless. Sure, this time of year may be associated with joy and good times, but the party is over once a drain clog occurs. You rely on your plumbing fixtures several times a day and when they stop working due to a clog, then it may throw your everyday activities into chaos just in time for the holidays!

Webber is here to stop drain clogs in Pleasantville from becoming a true holiday buzzkill. Our team of plumbers can perform a number of services that will eliminate any clogs from forming in your drains, including camera pipe inspection and water jetting. There’s no clog too tough or terrifying for our team to handle. When you receive service from T.Webber, your drains will be free from clogs and ready to go. Best of all, we’re here for you at any time throughout the holiday season!

What Can Go Wrong with Your Drains?

Be on the lookout for any signs indicating a clog may be on the horizon for any of your plumbing fixtures. While our team of plumbers has seen many types of clogs in their years of service, here are 4 of the most common types of drain clogs we encounter:

  1. Toilet Clogs: An overflowing toilet can be downright nasty and proves incredibly unsanitary if you allow it to go untreated. When an overflow occurs, you must call for professional assistance immediately, or else you may put the health and hygiene of your family at risk. After all, your toilet is arguably the most important fixture in your home!
  2. Kitchen Clogs: Sinks and garbage disposals may clog to the point where you can’t perform everyday activities like dishwashing. It’s the last thing you want to experience if you plan on doing some holiday baking in your kitchen!
  3. Shower Drain Clogs: Hair and soap are the main perpetrators of shower drain clogs. They’re quite a common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less deserving of professional attention. Showers and baths may be impossible if clogs persist long enough.
  4. Basement Drain Clogs: If you don’t have a sump pump, flooding can take its toll on your basement drains. Considering cherished personal belongings are usually stored in a basement, it’s important to call for clog removal so they don’t become damaged by a backup.

If you want to learn what else can go wrong with your drains, call T.Webber and we can get rid of the toughest drain clogs in Pleasantville!

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