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Sewer Repair

Are you worrying about sewer repair in Mahopac, NY? Are you wondering if your sewer has problems but are dreading the cost and the annoyance of diagnosing it and getting it repaired? T.Webber is your plumbing expert in the area, and that includes sewer repairs. Instead of worrying, call one of our dependable plumbers in Mahopac, NY. We will make the sewer repair process as simple and painless as possible because we know that you want to get back to your everyday life.

Not sure if you need sewer repair in Mahopac, NY? Here are some signs that it’s time to have your sewer looked at.

  • Your home smells bad. Your sewer is designed to keep bad substances and smells out of your home. If your house smells like a sewer, even if it’s only in one place, it’s time to get the system looked at.
  • You experience frequent backups. Sometimes, a toilet overflows or a drain backs up by chance. If you can’t remove the clog, though, or the backup keeps coming back, it’s time to have your sewer examined.
  • Multiple drains clog at once. A clog here and there is normal when things get stuck in your pipes or buildup occurs. If you feel like all of your drains are clogged all the time, though, there’s a chance that the clog is in the sewer rather than in the indoor pipes.

Sewer repair in Mahopac, NY doesn’t have to cause you anxiety. When you’re ready to have yours looked at and repaired, call T.Webber. We’ll get your problem diagnosed quickly and will repair it just as soon as possible.


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