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Top Reasons For Well Pump Failure in Westchester County

Well Pump Repair in Westchester County One of the most common questions we are asked by homeowners is simple. Why did my well pump fail? There can be many contributing factors to the failure of your submersible well pump and result in your needing to call T Webber for well pump repair.   Two of the leading factors are age and electrical failure. Top Reasons Well Pumps Fail Age As with anything mechanical in nature, wear and tear is the most frequent cause of well pump failure.  Simply put, well pumps have a lifespan of between 8-12 years.  Of course, some … [Read More]

Emergency Service in Cold Spring, NY

All of us in the home service business know that there’s no such thing as a non-emergency call. To a homeowner with no heat in winter, no air conditioning in summer, a stopped-up toilet, broken pipes, no hot water or an unwanted wading pool in the basement, it is always an EMERGENCY!!! Especially when the breakdown occurs at exactly the wrong time. As it always does. First Aid For Your Home That’s why progressive service contractors emphasize speed of service. It’s our goal to get to every customer within one hour of receiving their call. Unfortunately, that’s not always … [Read More]

Trenchless Pipe Lining in Cold Spring

If you own a home, chances are you’ve experienced the kind of invasive pipe repair that involves digging up half your yard to get at ruined pipes. This kind of repair is no fun for anyone—you have to watch backhoes tear up your careful landscaping, and then wait several hours while your yard consists of a gigantic hole with construction equipment sitting around. Thankfully, there’s trenchless pipelining. Just like it sounds, the process avoids the costly and invasive method of digging trenches all along the length of the pipe to repair the line. Cold Spring homeowners are sure to … [Read More]

How To Prevent Clogged Drains & Toilets in Cold Spring

Clogged drains and toilets rank high among life’s little nuisances.  So the idea is to prevent them from clogging in the first place.  Here’s some practical advice on how to do just that! Check your sink and tub stoppers at least four times a year for hair and bio-film buildup. Once a week, fill each sink in your home to the brim and then pull up the stopper. The volume and weight of the water will help flush the drain lines. Once a month or so, pour an organic drain cleaner down each of your drains.  Products like Bio-Clean (which we carry!) work much better than the chemical drain cleaners … [Read More]

Pipe Bursting in Cold Spring

One of the biggest challenges in repairing a pipe is the experience of digging a trench to pull up the pipe. For pipes that are excessively damaged, this can result in spending a lot of time pulling pipe pieces out before repairs can be finalized—not to mention the time wasted filling the hole back in. That’s why pipe bursting is such an attractive repair method; two holes are dug at either end of the pipe being replaced, and the new pipe is laid without a trench. How Does Pipe Bursting Work? If your home’s pipe is a candidate for … [Read More]

Pipe Lining in Goshen

Because pipes are not in plain sight, it is not uncommon to find them suddenly backed up or damaged, resulting in necessary repair or replacement work. Most people won’t even know that they have a problem with their pipes until it is too late. If it comes to that point, you can certainly count on T.Webber to send our team of trenchless pipe repair experts. Here are some common issues that would call for trenchless repair: Cracked/Crushed Pipes Corroded Pipes Misaligned Pipes Slow Draining Pipes Root Intrusion Severe Debris/Sewage/Sand/Lime Backup Understanding Trenchless Pipe Lining Traditional pipe repair can be … [Read More]

Sewer Repairs in Westchester County

Your sewer line is one of two primary plumbing systems in your house. When that doesn’t work, chances are your entire day is ruined. Your toilets won’t flush properly—if at all—and you run the risk of a wet sinkhole opening up in your yard. By far the worst part, however, is that sewer repairs end up being the most expensive and labor intensive plumbing jobs. Depending on how bad the issue is, you could end up looking at a full day’s work and having your landscaping and/or driveway dug up so technicians can get at the pipes. Lucky for … [Read More]

Sump Pump Installation in Westchester County

Keep Your Home Warm and Dry With a Sump Pump “Sump pump? Why do I need a sump pump? My basement never floods!” Is that what you’re thinking? If so, we’re asking you to stay just a few more minutes to hear us out. Did you know that about 95% of basements will experience flooding? While being in that 5% that won’t flood is a lucky draw, chances are at least once in your time as a homeowner you will fall into the 95%. With that knowledge, wouldn’t you say it’s better to be prepared – just in case? … [Read More]

Well Pump Service in Putnam County

Keep Your Home Running Smoothly With a Well Pump Repair If you are a homeowner whose water comes primarily from a well, then you know how necessary a well pump is. A well pump is a device that works hard day in and day out to supply your family with the water they need. In most cases, well pumps experience very few problems over the course of their life. But, that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible. If your well pump needs repair, you will notice a significant disruption to your water supply. Talk about an inconvenience! Your family … [Read More]

Water Treatment Installation in Westchester County

Remove Contaminants With a Water Filtration System If there was anything in your home you thought would never need treatment, surely water is it. Water is the purest, healthiest thing that you and your family can get your hands on, right? In most cases that’s true. Water should be those things, but sometimes it gets contaminated, or ‘hard,’ and can’t give you all the things you need! What Can Contaminate Your Water? Outdoor and public water sources – like water that comes from a well or municipal plant – can carry unwanted materials into your home. These materials include: … [Read More]

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