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5 Common Reasons for Furnace Repair in Cold Spring, NY

If you want to keep yourself and your family warm during the winter, then you need to know when it’s time for furnace repair in Cold Spring. Let’s face it: temperatures can plummet unexpectedly, and though the cold might be great for ice skating or skiing, you want your home to be nice and cozy. In order to prevent you from having to wear every sweater in your closet while you’re indoors, we’ve put together a list of five common reasons for furnace repair: You or your family members are inexplicably sick. When it’s not functioning properly, your furnace … [Read More]

Why Should You Invest in Boiler Installation in Pleasantville?

Winters in Pleasantville can be pretty unforgiving, especially due to below-freezing temperatures threatening to turn anything to ice. You need a trustworthy heating system to provide you with relief from the cold weather, and there’s no better way to do that than investing in boiler installation in Pleasantville. When you have to meet the heating needs of all the members of your household, a boiler is perfect for establishing a warm, cozy atmosphere the whole family can enjoy. If you’re looking for a service that can provide you with a brand new boiler, call T.Webber and we’ll provide you … [Read More]

How Can Heat Pump Replacement in Pleasantville Benefit You?

Heat pump replacement in Pleasantville is an important step in ensuring this winter is your most comfortable yet! Don’t get us wrong, furnaces and boilers are great. They can certainly provide you with a sufficient amount of heat for your entire family but like any heating appliance, they do have a few drawbacks. When furnaces and boilers aren’t working up to par, they can burn fuels that are harmful to the environment. Worse, if your heating system runs on gas, it may lead to residential fires and explosions! However, you can avoid these possibilities altogether if there are heat … [Read More]

5 Common Problems Requiring Boiler Repair in Cold Springs

Sure, your boiler may be working now, but there may come a time where you seek boiler repair in Cold Springs sooner than later. While boiler models today work better than ever before, they’re still not immune from breaking down in a situation where you need to rely on them. A faulty boiler can bring plenty of trouble to your home that goes beyond no heat. You also encounter lower indoor air quality and a higher risk of carbon monoxide exposure. Fortunately, T.Webber is here to provide you with boiler repair in Cold Springs at any moment. We can … [Read More]

3 Causes of Furnace Failure in Hudson Valley

When it’s below zero outside, the last problem you want to deal with is furnace failure. Regrettably, furnace failure tends to occur at the most inconvenient times. If you think you might be dealing with furnace failure in Hudson Valley, there could be several reasons why. Read on to learn about 3 causes of furnace failure: The Air Filter is Soiled or Clogged Your furnace’s air filter keeps the unit from releasing dust particles and other allergens into the air inside your home. A clean filter is not only important for your home’s air quality, but it is also … [Read More]

5 Energy Saving Tips from the Westchester County Heating Experts

Home heating costs are often one of the largest budget items for homeowners – and year after year the cost of fuel only seems to be going up. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can help bring down your home heating costs. Adopting more energy efficient habits can save many homeowners hundreds of dollars annually, and most are easy to do. See below for 5 energy saving tips from the WestchesterCounty heating experts. 1. Turn Down the Thermostat Leave your thermostat set at 68 degrees or lower when you’re at home. Three percent to five percent more energy … [Read More]

4 Benefits of Heat Pump Installation in Westchester

An increasing number of homeowners today are opting to install heat pumps to take care of their heating and cooling needs. Due to the fact that heat pumps don’t warm or cool the air—they transfer heat from one place to another – heat pumps are a highly energy efficient and cost-effective way to control the climate in your home. Although heat pumps are more costly to set up than conventional heating and cooling systems, there are many benefits of heat pump installation in Westchester. Read on to learn about four benefits of heat pump installation: Heat and Cool Your … [Read More]

Why Should Your Westchester County Home Have a Programmable Thermostat?

You might be aware that you can save energy – and money – by turning your thermostat down a few degrees when you’ll be out of the house for several hours, or when you and your family are sleeping. If you have a standard thermostat, however, there are going to be times when you’ll be busy and will forget to turn down the temperature. That’s where a programmable thermostat comes in. Here are a few reasons why your Westchester County home should have a programmable thermostat: Because you can program these types of thermostats to automatically lower or raise … [Read More]

The Differences Between Boilers and Furnaces – Hudson Valley HVAC

Although they both achieve the same objective – keeping your home warm in the winter – there are significant differences between boilers and furnaces that many homeowners might not be aware of. Believe it or not, many people don’t even know which type of heating system they have in their basement. Below are some of the differences between boilers and furnaces from Westchester HVAC. What is a Boiler? It’s easy to remember what a boiler is if you think about what their name implies: boiling water. In systems that are steam- or hot water-based, a boiler heats water up … [Read More]

Furnace Replacement in Westchester County

If there’s one essential thing in your home that might not be on your mind very often it’s probably your furnace. For the most part, this doesn’t really matter. You set your thermostat; your furnace fires up, and your house gets warm. But what happens when your furnace breaks down? How do you know when a repair is what you really need, or if it’s time for furnace replacement? Signs that it’s Time for Furnace Replacement in Westchester County Here are some important points that can help you decide if it’s time for furnace replacement: Your furnace’s age. If … [Read More]

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