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4 Helpful Tips for Hudson Valley Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer is on its way to the Hudson Valley. Woo Hoo! With those long, lazy days of summer come hot, hazy, humid temperatures. That means most of us will combat those with our trusty air conditioners. These 4 tips will help you maintain your central air system and keep it running at top-notch functionality all summer long. Do Away With Dirt & Debris: Use a wet/dry vac to clean leaves, debris and dirt from the exterior of your air conditioning unit. This simple maintenance strategy will keep these items from finding their way into the interior of your unit. Take … [Read More]

AC Repair in Westchester: 3 Maintenance Tips to Survive the Summer

Summertime, and thereby the need for AC repair in Westchester, is coming to an end, but it’s never too late to have your AC fixed and ready to go for the summer’s final few weeks.  There’s still plenty of time this season to soak up the sun and catch some rays at the beach, which also means you have time to enjoy your AC as a source of relief from the heat. Don’t mess it up by refusing AC repair simply because the season is coming to an end! T.Webber is always ready to deliver great AC repair in … [Read More]

AC Service in Poughkeepsie: How to Avoid a Cooling Emergency This Summer

If you have a cooling emergency this summer, call T.Webber for top-notch AC service in Poughkeepsie. But after you’ve put our phone number on speed dial, take a moment to read on, because you’ll learn how to avoid a cooling emergency in the first place! Prevention Is the Best Cure Most air conditioning emergencies are caused by one thing: a lack of maintenance. Not having your air conditioner cleaned and serviced is a surefire way to get it to fail. And that’s too bad because it means that homeowners and business owners can save themselves discomfort, hassle and money … [Read More]

Why You Shouldn’t Delay AC Repair in White Plains, NY

It’s been a long day outside visiting your children’s favorite local spots, like Muscoot Farm or Bear Mountain State Park, and all anyone wants to do is find some cool relief from the summer heat. The kids are hot and cranky (and hungry) so you race home to your air-conditioned oasis. But today just isn’t your day. Your AC system has decided to break down when you needed it the most. No, this is not going to sit well with the family. At T.Webber, we have all the emergency AC repair services you need in White Plains. Our AC … [Read More]

When Is It Time for AC Installation in Carmel?

It’s already summer, and that means that if you need AC installation in Carmel, you’re best advised to schedule it as soon as possible. After all, you definitely don’t want to be suffering through a New York summer without adequate cooling and humidity control in your home or business. Because high indoor temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable: they can actually be life-threatening to both people and pets. So be smart, and make an appointment for a new AC installation in Carmel. How to Tell If You Need a New AC Of course, some property owners find it difficult to determine … [Read More]

Business Owners: Call T.Webber For Commercial HVAC in Poughkeepsie

Summer is here! For business owners in Poughkeepsie, it’s time to think about how you’ll keep your customers and employees comfortable and cool over the next few months. For excellent and reliable service to your commercial HVAC in Poughkeepsie, call the experts at T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning! A Well Maintained Commercial HVAC System You may not think about it very often, but your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is an important component of your business practice. It directly contributes to the environment of your workplace through the regulation of temperature, humidity, and clean air. A … [Read More]

Air Conditioner Repair Tips For Cold Spring, NY Residents

Summer is practically here! The temperatures are rising, and those hot humid days are right around the corner. How are you going to protect your home from the heat this summer? It’s important to prepare your cooling system with routine maintenance. Unfortunately, an AC disaster can strike anytime. For reliable air conditioner repair in Cold Spring, contact your local cooling professionals at T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning! A Well Maintained AC Unit Your air conditioner is a complex device. It is full of different components and technology that all needs to work together in a very specific way. … [Read More]

Is Your Hudson Valley Home Heating Up? Might Be Time For AC Repair

It’s that time of year! Temperatures are rising fast! Is your home feeling the heat yet? If so, it’s time to think about AC repair in Hudson Valley! Your air conditioner is your best defense against the heat over the next few months. For AC services you can count on, contact the professionals at T.Webber Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric! T.Webber offers repair and replacements services for the following AC components: air handler, blower motor, compressor, evaporator coil, heat pump, and refrigerant. There’s no AC repair too big or too small for this team! Do You Need AC Repair? … [Read More]

Indoor Air Quality in Hudson Valley

Are your allergies acting up out of season? If you’re coughing and wheezing in January, the problem could be inside of your home. According to the EPA, levels of air pollutants indoors are frequently 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutants — plus, the materials in your home may be even more hazardous to your health! Could mold, dust, or other particles be contaminating your air and affecting your health? It could be time, then, to invest in an air filtration system for your home. T.Webber can install an air quality system that will purify your air safely and … [Read More]

AC Repair in Putnam County

Everything breaks down at some point in its lifecycle, and your air conditioner is no different. Chances are it’ll probably happen on one of the hottest days of the year, which is the worst time you can be without a working air conditioner. Never fear though, because whether you’re in Carmel or Patterson, Philipstown or Cold Spring, the team at T.Webber is on the case for your air conditioning repair needs. You can be confident that we’ll get your cooling system back in operation as fast as possible. AC Repair and Maintenance Services Air conditioners require regular maintenance and … [Read More]

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