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AC Service in Poughkeepsie: How to Avoid a Cooling Emergency This Summer

If you have a cooling emergency this summer, call T.Webber for top-notch AC service in Poughkeepsie. But after you’ve put our phone number on speed dial, take a moment to read on, because you’ll learn how to avoid a cooling emergency in the first place!

Prevention Is the Best Cure

Most air conditioning emergencies are caused by one thing: a lack of maintenance. Not having your air conditioner cleaned and serviced is a surefire way to get it to fail. And that’s too bad because it means that homeowners and business owners can save themselves discomfort, hassle and money simply by having their ACs professionally maintained and when necessary, repaired.

Here’s how you can tell your air conditioning needs servicing:

Your energy bills are increasing. If you’re paying more for energy but you’re not aware you’re using more appliances, chances are your AC’s not functioning energy-efficiently anymore.

Your AC doesn’t cool enough, or not consistently. This can signal a number of problems, including a malfunctioning thermostat, problems with the motor, or a damaged evaporator coil.

The air conditioner makes strange noises. Though some older ACs can be loud, they should make a predictable, constant humming noise when functioning properly. However, if your AC is making ticking, squeaking or clanging noises, it’s a sign there’s something wrong.

The AC is making the air quality worse. If your air conditioner is blowing dust or other contaminants into the room, or if it’s emitting a nasty odor, it can signal a number of issues including mold and mildew, vermin infestation, or even an electrical issue.

Call T.Webber for AC Repair

If you notice any of these signs, then make sure to call the team of HVAC specialists at T.Webber immediately. One of our technicians will come to your home or business to assess the problem and advise you on the most cost-effective way to fix it. So don’t wait until the problem gets worse: be smart, and schedule a service appointment with T.Webber right away!

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