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Water Jetting in Westchester County

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Water jets are one the most powerful and versatile tools in the T. Webber drain cleaning arsenal. This equipment takes ordinary water, pressurizes it up to 60,000 psi and blasts it through your pipes to destroy existing clogs and blockages.

  • Our cutting edge water jets are perfect for clearing blockages from from slow or stopped drain lines. A steady stream of hyper-pressurized water will blast the clog hard enough to dislodge it from the pipe interior and flush it away. The thrust from our specialized nozzles drives the water jet hose down the line and gives you wall to wall cleaning action.
  • Water jets can safely power through almost any line obstruction. The T. Webber drain cleaning experts always choose the ideal water pressure for your particular pipe problem, accounting for the size and material of your system so no damage is done to your already stressed plumbing.
  • Drain pipes inevitably become clogged over time and heavy use. It’s just a fact of home ownership—grease, hair, soap scum, sediment, sludge, and roots will prevent your drains from functioning properly and majorly inconvenience you in the process.

Drain Treatment and Maintenance

When your home’s pipes are so clogged that water no longer drains properly, it’s time to call in the T. Webber water jets! But is there anything you, as a homeowner, can do in terms of  maintenance that can keep your drains moving? Yes—the answer is Bio-Clean!

  • Bio-Clean is a natural blend of bacteria and special enzymes. Think of it as “organic Drano.” It generates no heat, bubbling  or fumes and does not boil. It has no effect on live tissue (like you!) or inorganic material (like your pipes!). Only clog causing items like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton and sewage need worry about the cleaning power of Bio-Clean!
  • It only takes an hour to start working doing its good work. The bacteria and enzymes are powerful enough to eat its way through most any clog.

Bio-Clean Benefits

  • Eliminates the need to clean grease traps and cable drains.
  • Eliminates the need to use dangerous chemicals.
  • Eliminates the need to buy deodorant blocks and urinal cakes.
  • Eliminates costly compensation to employees that have been injured by using other dangerous, drain cleaning chemicals.

Water jetting is the answer to your drain problems. Give us a call and get the T. Webber drain cleaning experts on the job today!

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