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Water Contaminants

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Is your water measuring up?
Water contaminants vary greatly based on your particular location. Your water quality can be affected by many factors including oil refinement, landfills, gasoline storage, farms, dry cleaners and factories as well as natural conditions like salt water. Many areas in the Hudson Valley have naturally hard water, but can also be prone to many other ailments.

Here are a few indicators of bad water:

  • Suspicious smells – chlorine, musty, rotten egg, gasoline
  • Suspicious taste – metallic, salty, acidy
  • Suspicious appearance – rusty, cloudy, discoloration of your porcelain or cookware
  • Blackening and pitting of steel sink

If your water displays any of these poor water symptoms…don’t delay! Call T. Webber Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to schedule your water system consultation.


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