Sewer Replacement in Westchester County
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Sewer Replacement in Westchester County

150 Sewer Rep_banner Your sewer line is the most important part of your home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, because it is buried deep underground, it is also something most people don’t think much about. This means that in many cases, the sewer lines we encounter on the job are not well maintained, existing in various states of disrepair. The fact is that the majority homeowners don’t even think about their sewer lines until there is a serious problem—like a sewer line clog.

Sewer Main Stoppage

In most cases, when the T. Webber sewer main experts encounter a stoppage, it can be cleared with one of our drain snakes. The drain snake is a powerful device that can dislodge and destroy most clogs. Once the clog is cleared, water and waste can finally drain out of your home into the sewer again.

  • In best case scenarios, the snake is run through a drain clean-out. But if there is no clean-out, the process of unclogging that main can become a little trickier.
  • If the clog keeps on coming back in the same spot, it might be that your entire line requires replacement.  In such cases, the only other option than replacement is choosing to live with the inconvenient, unsanitary clog… which is really no choice at all.

How Do We Know Your Main Line Needs Replacement?

At T. Webber, we have been replacing old sewer lines for over 20 years.If your sewer line clogs or backs up more than once a year, it is probably worth both the time and the cost to simply have the line excavated and replaced.

  • If tree roots are the main cause of your clog or blockage, your sewer line may be a lost cause and will require replacement. Roots are a a very common cause of recurring sewer clog and backup issues. Your sewer lines contain water, nutrients and oxygen—the essential elements for trees to grow. And unfortunately, tree roots that find their way inside your sewer line are one of the most difficult, time and labor intensive jobs that we encounter.
  • Sewer line replacements are big, complex projects. Sewer lines are buried deep underground below gardens, lawns, driveways, and patios. The outdoor areas of your property may need to be excavated to even access the line and move forward with the replacement process.
  • In the event your sewer line needs this kind of work, our sewer replacement team will perform the necessary work quickly and at a fair price.

Slip Lining

Slip lining may be a viable option for your sewer line repair. It’s a trenchless and non-invasive method of sewer repair by which a new sewer line is installed inside an existing one.

  • A smaller, “carrier pipe” is installed inside of a larger “host pipe”, grouting the annular space between the two pipes, and sealing the ends. And voila, your main line will flow like new!
  • When possible, T. Webber always relies on trenchless techniques like slip lining to help keep repair costs down by reducing the amount of excavation necessary.

Vent Stack Repair/Replacement

The vent stack is a vital part of your plumbing system. It is designed to remove sewage from your home, release sewer gas and regulate air pressure which facilitates proper function and flow.

  • Waste enters your pipes through plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks and showers and exits through a trap, a dipped section of pipe that always contains water. All fixtures should be equipped with traps to prevent sewer gases from leaking into the house. Through these traps, your fixtures are connected to waste pipes, which in turn connect to a vent stack.
  • At the drain system’s lowest point, a waste vent is attached, and rises (usually behind a wall) up and through your roof. Waste is removed from through this drain and transported to the sewer main.
  • While vent stacks are typically low maintenance, but when something does go wrong with them, it can stop up your plumbing system and make your home smell like a sewer!

How Do We Know Your Vent Stack Needs Repair or Replacement?

This one’s actually pretty simple—if your drains are emitting strange sounds or you can smell sewer gas in your home, you may need repair or replacement of your vent stack.

  • Even though the diagnosis is relatively simple, the actual repair or replacement is complex. So attention all you wannabe plumbers out there—it’s very important to  hire a professional to perform all work on your vent stack. If you don’t, you could end up paying even more in the future in order to rectify shoddy workmanship.
  • Under amateur supervision, unsupported cast iron stack pipes can collapse if they are cut without proper supports. Service weight cast iron can be difficult to penetrate without professional tools and equipment. Incorrectly piped drain and vent stacks can also cause damage to your pipes and cause unpleasant gurgling in fixture drains, improper trap function, and clogs or backups.
  • So be smart and if you’re having issues with your home’s vent stack, call in the experts at T. Webber and we’ll get it fixed fast the very first time!

If your sewer line repeatedly backs up, a replacement is your best option. Call the T. Webber sewer replacement experts to learn more or schedule a consultation today!

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