Programmable Thermostat Installation in Hudson Valley | Benefits
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Programmable Thermostat Installation


At T. Webber Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that properly working thermostats and controls are a vital part of a successful HVAC system.  New, hi-tech thermostats offer a convenient, state of the art way to automatically control temperatures in your home for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Programmable Thermostat Benefits

  • Gradual (not abrupt) cooling and heating
  • Save energy
  • Save money
  • Flexibility
  • Appealing designs: some thermostats come with sleek digital displays

Programmable Thermostat Features

  • Programmable thermostats allow users to set up and automatically adjust the temperature in their homes. Top shelf models can adjust heating and cooling gradually so that you remain consistent comfortable with no abrupt fluctuations.
  • Programmable thermostats enable you to fine tune your HVAC system to fit your schedule. Programmable thermostats provide flexibility. Forgot to turn the heat off before leaving the house? No worries—if properly set, your thermostat will automatically know to decrease in-home temperature during the hours you are away.

Programmable Thermostats Will Save You Time and Money

With their automatic programming options, you can control how high or low the temperature in your home can reach. This way you always know exactly what’s happening in your HVAC system. For instance, you may not feel that indoor temperatures need to be quite as high at home while everyone is at work.  Different types and brands of thermostats allow for more temperature micro-management than others—but either way more money is saved than if the hot or cool air were simply permitted to run all day without proper controls.

At T. Webber, we can help you choose and install the best programmable thermostat option for your home or business. So don’t spend another day with your busted, old thermostat. Call T. Webber today!

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