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Furnace Replacement

A broken or poorly performing furnace can make or break your winter. If your furnace is too old or poor quality, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to feeling that icy chill in your home all winter long. And trust us—that discomfort and frustration of a cold house will stretch into all other aspects of your life. If you can’t relax in your comfy, warm home, then where can you?

But furnaces are just like any other appliance, even high quality ones succumb to wear and tear and will eventually break down and need repairs. In some cases when the furnace is particularly old or rundown, the more repairs it needs, the less cost effective those repairs become. That’s when you know your best option is furnace replacement. The heating experts at T. Webber Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can help you decide when it’s time for a furnace replacement over a furnace repair.

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

  • The lifespan of an average furnace can be anywhere between 15-20 years. If furnace repacmentyour furnace falls within this range (or is even older) it could breakdown whenyou need it most this winter.
  • Old or faulty furnaces being failing to properly moisturize and clean the air in your home. You’ll know this is happening if you see more dust than usual, cracks in your furniture, or drooping and dying houseplants. A furnace that begins blowing dry, irritating air is generally a sign it’s on its last legs and the next best step is replacement.
  • Higher than usual gas and electric bills. If your utility company hasn’t recently increased its rates, yet your bills are going up, then this is a sign it’s time for a furnace replacement. As furnaces age, they lose efficiency which means they are working overtime, but generating less heat than ever. Basically, this means you could be paying more than ever for the privilege of being cold in your own home.

Furnace Replacement Benefits

  • The latest energy efficient furnaces will help you decrease your winter utility bills by up to 40% or more! Many newer furnaces have a feature that allows them also cycle on and off less often, resulting in you and your family enjoying steadier warmth at a lower cost.
  • Modern furnaces work with smart thermostats which give you unparalleled control over your in-home temperature allowing you save money while you make sure your home is warm when you need it.
  • With sealed combustion furnaces, you’ll be able to enjoy vastly improved indoor air quality.
  • New furnaces run much more quietly than their noisier ancestors.

Call T. Webber today and we’ll make replacing your furnace as fast, easy and cost efficient as possible!

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