Drain Backups in Hudson Valley | Types of Drain Backups
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Drain Backups


Drain backups aren’t a plumbing problem that homeowners are surprised by, as they can happen in so many ways and in a number of different places throughout your home. But, they’re annoying, messy, and something no one wants to deal with.

One minute your drains are working fine, and the next you have sewage backing up into your home. Clogged drains left unattended to will do a real number on your home, inflicting thousands of dollars of damage and causing you some unwanted stress.

Types of Drain Backups

Look for these common drain back up problems in your home:

  1. Shower/tub backups: We’ll give you one guess as to what the number one cause of these types of backups are. If you guessed hair, you’d be correct. Each time you shower you naturally shed hundreds of strands of hair. Despite how natural it is, it still clogs up your drain.
  2. Main drain backups: When your main drain gets backed up, check the plumbing fixtures closest to the ground for clogs. Toilets, bathtubs, and showers are usually the first to clog when you have a main drain problem.
  3. Toilet backups: This is typically caused by something that was flushed that shouldn’t have been like a children’s toy, feminine hygiene product, or too much toilet paper.
  4. Kitchen drain backups: The main cause of a kitchen drain clog is grease. Unfortunately, grease can be caused by almost anything – even soapy water! – so it’s tough to avoid.

Drain back up issues can seriously affect the day to day life of you and your family. Count on the drain cleaning experts at T.Webber Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to help resolve any drain problem. Call T. Webber today!

Drain Backup Solutions

Drain problems can be difficult issues to tackle. You need an experienced team with the best tools in the industry to properly access and fix your drain problems, the first time.  At T. Webber we may use:

  • Camera inspection: At T.Webber Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning we like to perform a camera inspection before we start any of the drain cleaning work. By doing a camera inspection, we are able to find the exact location and severity of the clog so we won’t need to tear open any plumbing or cause any destruction to your home. No guess work required!
  • Drain snaking: For most clogs, a drain snake should do the trick. It will corkscrew through the clog-causing material and break it up enough to flow freely through the pipes, eliminating the blockage.
  • Water jetting: However, sometimes a drain snake won’t be enough. This is typically the case for tree roots that get into your line. With water jetting, though, those roots don’t stand a chance. This device sends highly pressurized water quickly into your pipes so it completely obliterates all obstructions.

Trust in the knowledge and expertise of the plumbing experts at T. Webber to find a solution to even the toughest drain problem. Call T.Webber Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today!

For the best team of drain cleaning experts around, call T.Webber Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. today!

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